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Using Rich Text to make your Dashboard Pop | BEGINNER

Part of the overall experience when using a dashboard is the branding and messaging that it contains by using Rich Text elements. These are the elements that make it look and feel like its your company system when people log in. Some common examples of ways you might add your own company style and personal touch include:

✓ Adding your company logo or application name

✓ Providing instructions or how to’s to your end user

✓ Adding additional imagery or styled text to make your homepage more appealing

To add Rich-Text to to your dashboard:

  1. From the Home Page – click ‘Customize this Page’
  2. Drag the icon at the top of the page for ‘Text’ and drag it onto your home page where you’d like to place it
  3. With your new text widget, you can start typing or utlizing the various attributes available, like changing font size/color/style, adding images, links etc. Think of a Word doc – if you would think about doing it there – you can try it here.

A short video is shown below to walk through the above

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