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We Exist to Give You More Time

Quandary Consulting Group at a Glance

We’re an IT consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado with a simple mission: design better systems that give business owners and employees more time.

We understand the challenges of scaling a growing business. That’s why we work with companies to break down bottlenecks caused by inefficient systems. Using low code platforms like Quickbase and Workato along with our tech consulting services, we streamline your business processes.

Peak or Problem? We Help You Conquer Both.

Quandary Peak, Colorado 14,265 feet

Quandary: state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation

Quandary Consulting Group as Your Tech Consultancy

From This...

Every business wants growth. Few are ready for it. Quandary Consulting Group exists because every growing business faces a major challenge.

The processes and systems they started with don’t scale, forcing businesses to work around their systems. Meanwhile, employees and executives exhaust themselves trying to fill the gaps.

And we all know that outcome.

Long hours. Burnout. Constantly treading water, hoping for a better solution. Meanwhile, your frustrated customers start looking for other options…

That’s no way to run a business. And it’s no way to live. After all, no one starts a business to work themselves to death.

To This...

So, we formed a group of software consultants with a background in low code and other rapid application development software systems. And we worked with growing companies to build better systems faster and cheaper than traditional software development.

The results were clear: frustrated business owners and employees began to steal time back from their businesses and reclaim their lives. All while being more profitable than before.

Experience the Benefits of Quandary Consulting Group

  • Fewer data entry errors
  • Faster task completion
  • Custom software that scales
  • Greater business transparency
  • Outsourced IT services
  • Greater market awareness
  • Always on-time. Always within budget.

Why All the Mountain-Mumbo-Jumbo?

No. We’re not a hiking company…

But as a Denver-based tech consultancy, we know mountains. And we know all about the climb. That’s why PEAKS serves as the foundation for all of our services:

We fulfill these values in each project we complete. This ensures the highest level of care, commitment, and expertise.


We Create Better Business Systems That Give You Time


Kevin Shuler

Managing Partner, CEO

Chayce Duncan

Director of Services

Megan Garam

Director of Operations

Ed O'Toole

Account Executive

Blair Garrett

Account Executive

Christine Garam

Services Coordinator

TJ Lawless

Sr. Solution Consultant

Alex Skudrovskis

Solution Consultant

Minda May

Solution Consultant

Mark Warstler

Solution Consultant

Ben Smith

Senior Development Consultant

Joel Ferrales

Development Consultant

Ashourrina Henshaw

Jr. Solution Consultant

Krystle Zepp

Executive Assistant

John Orsak

Solution Consultant

Luke Neverisky

Solution Consultant

Niraj Shah

Solution Consultant

Mohammad Raza

Jr. Solution Consultant

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