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We're a technology management consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado with a simple mission: create better ways for companies to do business.

Building an agile business that can rapidly adapt to changing demands isn't impossible. By automating processes, you can increase productivity, cut costs, and reduce waste. Drastically. You'll also get clean, actionable data in easily understood dashboards.

Best of all, your investment in better software solutions will pay for itself in labor reduction, error reduction, and overall cost reduction.

As your technology consultants, we help you automate away the stress of trying to scale a growing business. Leveraging powerful low-code platforms like Quickbase, Pipefy, and Workato, we build the custom integrations and applications you need at a fraction of the cost (and much faster) than traditional software development.

The results speak for themselves.

Peak or Problem? We Help You Conquer Both.

Quandary Peak, Colorado 14,265 feet

Quandary Peak, Colorado 14,265 feet

Quandary: state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation

Quandary: state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation

Why Work with Quandary Consulting Group?

From This...

Every business wants growth. Few are ready for it.

The processes and systems businesses typically start with don’t scale. This forces organizations to work around their systems, making work slow, inefficient, and expensive. Over time, employees and executives exhaust themselves trying to fill the gaps.

And we all know that outcome.

Longer hours. Overworking. Burnout. Your team, trapped by manual processes, slips away from strategic tasks.

Meanwhile, your frustrated customers (and staff) start looking for other options…

From This...

Why Choose Quandary

To This...

Mumbo Jumbo

To This...

Quandary Consulting Group helps businesses scale by building better systems that reduce manual tasks.

We leverage our extensive background in low code and rapid application development platforms to build lean systems that automate and integrate away the pain of growing your business. And we do it faster, cheaper, and better than trying to do it in-house.

The results are clear:

  • Better systems eliminate waste, freeing up more time and resources.
  • Employees can focus on high-level, strategic work.
  • Customers experience higher levels of support and care.
  • Businesses rapidly grow without tripping over their systems.

Experience the Benefits of Quandary Consulting Group

  • Fewer data entry errors
  • Faster task completion
  • Custom software that scales
  • Always on-time. Always within budget.
  • Greater business transparency
  • Outsourced technology services
  • Greater market awareness

Why All the Mountain-Mumbo-Jumbo?

No. We’re not a hiking company…

However, as a Denver-based technology consultancy, we know mountains and the struggles organizations face when trying to scale success. And we know how to get our clients to the top.

That's why PEAKS serves as a foundation for all our services.

Kevin Shuler

Kevin Shuler

Managing Partner, CEO

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Brian Lange

Chief Financial Officer

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Dennis Lovie

Director of Services

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Wayde Stephens

Director of Sales

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