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Logger by Workato

The Logger by Workato action allows users to record the output of other actions in a recipe. This tool is useful to help visualize the data being passed through different steps in a recipe. It is especially useful in helping to debug recipes if you are receiving unexpected results.

For example, a recipe could be built to read a pdf using the Docparser app. The recipe extracts Employee Names, Employee IDs, and other data points from pdfs and adds the data points to a Workato list. The recipe then converts the list to a CSV file and then creates or updates new Employee records in Quickbase.

When testing the recipe, if it does not work as intended, it is difficult to pinpoint where the problem(s) exist; the breaking point could be Docparser, the Workato list, the CSV, the Quickbase upload, or another issue. This situation is perfect for Logger by Workato. A Logger by Workato step can be added after any step in the process. Simply click the ‘Add Step’ icon and choose Logger by Workato. In the Message section, insert the data pills you want to log.

Now, when you test the recipe, you will be able to troubleshoot any errors, make corrections and fix your recipe. Below is a screenshot of the Logger by Workato: the prior step output in the example was two columns (Row Number and True/False). In the example, all 8 rows are True. By using the Logger, at this point, you could troubleshoot your recipe if you were expecting some False answers or more or less rows. If 8, True entries were your expectation but the final output of the recipe is still not meeting your expectations, you can move onto troubleshooting the next step.

If you want to learn more about recipes, check out the article: Creating Your First Workato Recipe.

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