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Sharing with Everyone On The Internet | BEGINNER

Opening your application to Everyone On The Internet (EOTI) allows users to access your application without signing into Quick Base. Users can view and add records, view reports and interact with data just like registered users. Similar to other groups, you can create a role and set permissions to limit access to your data. Some common use cases for the EOTI group may include:

Allowing non-user customers to access work order histories

Sending actionable communications to non-users

Sending surveys

EDITORS NOTE: This functionality is not available to accounts on the Essential Plan. Your Billing Account Administrator will determine which applications allow open internet access. It is extremely important to enforce strict role permissions to prevent against any malicious behavior from EOTI users.

How to share with Everyone On The Internet:

  1. Navigate to Users and click + Share app with new user.
  2. Search for Everyone On The Internet or select it using the Address Book icon. If you do not see this choice then it has not been enabled by your Billing Account Administrator.

  1. Select the Role you would like to assign and click Add.
  2. Congratulations! Your app is now visible to the world wide web!

BEST PRACTICE: You’ll want to test your access as an end user in the Everyone On The Internet role. Sign out of Quick Base or use another browser and visit your application’s URL to test functionality.

Now that you’ve opened up access to the entire internet, you are going to want to learn how to control access to your application. To learn how to customize roles for your new Everyone On The Internet group, check out my article about Adding a new User Role.

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