peakSUITE Echo allows you to post news and keep your employees, contacts, and customers updated and interacting in a fun and simple way. With Echo, your Quickbase users can post Staffing and Company announcements, Client and Resource News, even Sales and Marketing Updates! Echo is such a powerful communication and motivational tool that our team at Quandary Consulting Group has been using (and perfecting its design) for years.

With Echo fully refined, we’re ready to share it with your organization, giving you the benefits of streamlined communication, positive employee interaction, and well-informed customers.

Echo is the Twitter of Quickbase. Post company news. Share sales and marketing updates. Motivate your team. All from a single portal without the background noise or clutter found in traditional business communication platforms.Simply choose an announcement type and fill out the form. Once an administrator approves the post, Echo delivers the right message to the right people at the right time.Echo also lets users “like” announcements, set profile pictures, and perform other interactive features to keep your team engaged. It’s a frictionless way to keep everyone connected to your company informed from a single, custom interface on any Quickbase dashboard.

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