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Copying Quickbase App Components | BASICS

Often times during development – you’ll find a situation where you need to copy a field, form, or something in Quick Base so you can create similar functionality, test different methods, develop in a safer environment, etc. If you’ve navigated around and have found yourself in the settings for a particular table – you’ll likely have come across the Fields, Forms, Reports pages similar to below

When you drill into one of these, let’s say Fields for example – you’ll likely have seen the below:

In situations like this, Quick Base has provided a simple icon all the way to the right that gives you the ability to copy that particular element.

This little icon does just what you’d think – it copies. When clicked, it will create a new element and save the original details in your copy. For example – if you copy a formula field, your new copy will have the same formula that you can tweak and update. Click the icon to copy a report – the same columns and filters will pull over. In any settings page – if you see that icon – know that you can copy that particular component.

This is great in circumstances where you want to set up a lot of similar components very quickly, or if you want to try something out but don’t want to affect your existing field or table by changing the original. You can do all your testing via something that you’ve copied, and then delete it later.

For more more information about basic application set up – check out some articles on Adding Fields to Forms or setting up new reports and the various types.

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