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Managing and Deleting Reports in an App | BEGINNER

EDITORS NOTE: If you have admin permissions for an app, you can view and manage ALL reports and charts for all tables in the app.

To Display a list of all reports in an app:

  1. From the app Home Page (Top left), click Settings, under the app name.

  1. Click on App management, under Advanced Features.

  1. Slightly scroll down and under Manage App Contents, click Manage reports.

From this page, you can manage all reports for all tables in your app. This includes both common and personal reports.

To Limit the Number of Reports Shown in the List:

If you have many reports, use the Search reports box at the top left of the list to enter a search term.

The search term limits the reports shown to ones whose report name, table name, or owner contain that term.


If I search for a chart named, “Target Sales,” in the search reports box, you can see how it filters directly by the name specified in the report box.

You can also use the Show dropdown to display reports, common reports, or all reports (the default setting).


In the example above, I selected All Personal Reports which is showing all the related personal reports. In this case, we only have one report that matches this criteria.

To Manage Individual Reports:

✓ Use the icons at the right of each item in the list of reports to view, copy or delete that report.

✓ Click the report name to customize the report.

✓ Click New report or chart at the top right of the Page Bar to create a new report.

To Delete Multiple Reports:

  1. Display the list of reports in the app.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the name of each report you want to affect.

  1. Click Delete on the dialog to confirm the deletion.

EDITORS NOTE: If you are only deleting a single report, you can click the Red X to the far right of the report instead of the delete at the top of the table.

To learn more about Admin / Application Set Up / Security, please follow this link: Admin / Application Set Up / Settings.

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