peakSUITE | Basecamp is an application to help your workforce remain productive and connected while working remotely. This custom application is built to help managers and employees assimilate to working outside of the office.

What can this application do?

  • Reporting and notifications for managers
  • Track tasks and who they are assigned to
  • Easily see which tasks are complete and which tasks are outstanding
  • Allow employees to flag tasks that require assistance to complete, or are blocked
  • Record meeting notes in one place for easy reference
  • Implement daily summary notes for employees to document their productivity
  • Maintain a list of your employees, their contact information, and the company inventory they are using at their home office
  • Provide employees with a ‘who to call’ list so they will know who to reach out to if they have certain issues
  • Keep employees up to date with company news and announcements with peakSUITE | Echo, a tool for company announcements built right into their dashboard
  • Maintain a list of your clients and their contact information if desired
  • Store documents for easy reference

Managers see a real time overview of work in progress, complete, and outstanding on their dashboard. Stay connected and understand what your employees are working on and where they need help. Fully customizable to meet your company's specific needs in this rapidly changing time.

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