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Organizing & Assigning Groups To Reports | BEGINNER

If you have many reports spread across different tables of your app, you’ll probably want to organize them in ways that make the most sense to users of your app, rather than in one long list.

For example, you might want to move your most frequently visited reports to the beginning of the list, so your users don’t have to search for them in a list of reports. You also might want to consider grouping reports so that all similar reports, such as financial reports, are together.

EDITORS NOTE: Please keep in mind that you must be an App Administrator to organize reports. Meaning, your role must have an access level of Full Administration and must also have the Edit Field Properties column for each table in which you want to organize reports. These options appear on the Permissions Table when you edit the role.

To Organize reports:

  1. In the table bar, select the table featuring the report.

  1. Select Reports & Charts to open the reports panel.

  1. Select Organize at the top of the panel.

EDITORS NOTE: You cannot organize reports listed under Recent, or personal reports listed under Mine.

  1. Select a report’s name or icon and drag it to a different location in the panel. You can move the report to a different location within the same group, or into a separate group. A yellow line will be displayed to show you the drop location.

EDITORS NOTE: If you have several reports, you may want to drag to a location not visible on the screen. Simply move your cursor to the arrow at either end of the panel to scroll forward or backward.

  1. Drop the report to finish moving it.
  2. Select Done Organizing to return to viewing the reports panel.

To Rearrange Groups:

Groups can be rearranged just like reports can, except that only one group at a time can be dragged.

To Assign Reports to groups in report settings:

  1. In the settings for a new or existing report, use the Reports & Charts Panel Section, then select Show options.

  1. Use the Group for this report setting to select an existing group.

Working with Groups:

To Create a Group:

  1. Select the Organize button on the reports panel.

  1. Select one or more reports and drag them onto the “Drag here to create a group” area on the right-hand side of the reports panel.

EDITORS NOTE: To select/highlight multiple reports at one time, use command + left click (MacOS) or use ctrl + left click (Windows).

  1. Enter a group name, and click the green check mark or press Enter to save the new name. To cancel, click the (X) icon.

  1. Select Done Organizing to return to viewing the reports panel.

Group Name Restrictions:

✓ Group names have a maximum of 32 characters.

✓ Group names cannot be blank or empty.

✓ Groups may not be names, Mine, Common, or Recent.

To Delete a Group:

EDITORS NOTE: There are two ways to delete a group – using the delete icon and removing all the reports individually from the group. Follow the steps below to delete a group by the delete icon.

  1. Select the Organize button on the reports panel.

  1. Hover over a report’s name, and click the delete icon (X) that appears.

  1. Confirm the action by clicking Delete Group on the dialog that displays. The reports in the group will be placed back into the Common group after you confirm deletion.

The Dialog box also provides you the option to permanently delete all of the reports in the groups if you so choose.

  1. Select Done Organizing to return to viewing the reports panel.

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