peakSUITE Compass is a custom-built mapping tool within Quickbase that provides your team a full overview of the location-based processes your business handles.

View topics like PROJECTS, CUSTOMERS, or SITES in full-page map format with multiple options for searching and categorizing. Color-code locations to your preferences and organize them by type, so you can view them by category. Roll over all sites listed on your map for further detail and open the related records. Sort projects/events/etc. and fully customize the sorting and grouping options depending on what information best fits your business needs.

peakSUITE Compass is easy to use from the start. All controls for navigating and zooming match the desktop version of Google Maps, letting your team go live in Quick Base fast! Without Extra Training

Enhance the Quickbase Mapping tool with peakSUITE Compass. Collate locations into usable formats, making it easy to build location information into a cohesive structure without manually creating documents and reports. And recategorize your addresses dynamically for better insight. peakSUITE Compass makes it easy to create useful location-based data in Quickbase without extensive knowledge of report building and sorting methods. Easily organize your projects,events, sites, or other data. And automatically add locations or adjust positioning when necessary. Project or Customer locations can be tagged on the map with images of your choice to reflect customer or project type. You can also choose different markers for your own locations, to differentiate buildings that offer certain services or identify to users which addresses should be applied as meeting places depending on Project or Client type! Add peakSUITE Compass to your Quickbase apps and enjoy a custom interface for location data that provides better visibility, helping you optimize your business processes today!

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