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What Are Dashboards | BEGINNER

Dashboards are (also known as Home Pages in Quick Base) personalized pages in your application that combines several elements, known as widgets all in one location. Dashboards help to make data readily available when people log in as well as enhance your workflow. Common things you include on a dashboard are:

✓ Reports and charts from key data centers in your app

✓ Buttons for Quick Actions to add records in various tables

✓ Rich Text to add branding and personalize your application

Rich Text to add branding and personalize your application

Since they are commonly the first thing people see when they log in, you want your Dashboard to highlight key information that someone should pay attention to right away, or keep an eye on throughout the day.

As an example, think about a remote sales team for your company – and you are using your Quick Base application to track their Sales Activities, Meetings, Travel, Expenses, and of course, their results. In this instance, you would want things like ‘Meetings Scheduled for Today’, ‘Follow Ups Needed’, ‘Expenses that need Receipts’, ‘Upcoming Travel’ to be highlighted first and foremost. Then, you can include things like ‘YTD Sales’, ‘% of Jobs Won’, ‘YTD Sales by Me’ etc. Additionally, you can include buttons for them to quickly get to the right place to add PTO requests, submit new expenses, update their existing accounts or add new ones.

If you are an admin, you typically have greater insight into the inner workings and the where/what/when of how things work in your system and how to get to where you need. But for the everyday user, Dashboards are a fantastic way to put all the tools they need at their disposal, all in the same place.

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