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When to Use Grid Edit | BEGINNER


Quick Base is great tool for entering and managing a business’s data. Creating User-Friendly Forms are great to help users add, edit, or delete one record at a time. To maximize efficiency, a user will need to add, edit, or delete multiple records at once – this can be accomplished using Grid Edit. Grid edit reports can be created from the Table Home Page. Additionally, grid edit reports can be embedded within forms to improve user experience (The ‘Editable’ checkbox must be checked in the form element).


Grid edit allows a user to add, edit, and delete multiple records at once. A user can:

✓ Edit multiple records by copying and pasting data between different records,

✓ Edit multiple records by filling down the data from a field in one record to the records below,

✓ Delete multiple records at once,

✓ Add multiple records at once,

In grid edit, changes are not finalized until clicking save or apply changes (C). Leaving the page before saving will revert all changes back to their original values. To help the user review their work cells are color-coded.

✓ White cells have been unedited by the user(A),

✓ Yellow cells have been edited by the user(B),

✓ Gray cells cannot be edited by the current user,

✓ The most recent edit can be undone by pressing ctrl+z or right-clicking and selecting ‘Undo Action’,

✓ Any change can be undone by right-clicking in the cell and selecting ‘Reset to Original Values’.

EDITORS NOTE: To prevent data entry errors, you may want to limit which users have access to grid edit; grid edit access can be removed by changing role permissions

If you want to learn more about role permissions, check out the article, Adding a new User Role.

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