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Creating a New App Connection in Workato | BEGINNER

At its core Workato is a tool for connecting applications. In this article we’ll show you how to create and manage these connections. There are many different applications that you may wish to create a connection for in your Workato account. Some examples include:

✓ Microsoft Outlook to create or store emails based on a trigger

✓ SurveyMonkey to capture survey information

✓ Quick Base to push data from or pull data into your database

In this article we’ll focus on the steps needed to create a connection with Quick Base. Follow these steps for setting up your Quick Base connection in Workato:

EDITORS NOTE: Each connection setup will be different and is based upon the configuration and credential requirements

  1. On the black ribbon on the top of the page select ‘App Connections’. In the ‘App Connections’ page you can view your existing connections and some basic information about each connection such as ‘Status’ and ‘Time connected’.

  1. To create a new connection, click the green button titled ‘Create a new connection’

  2. In the next screen, click the dropdown field labeled ‘Application’. A list of applications will display with a suggestion of relevant apps at the top of the list. Type in the name of your application and select the app from the list. In this case we’ve typed in “Quick Base”:

Once selected the page will update with configuration options.

  1. Give your connection a useful name you can easily remember

  2. Provide the Quick Base sub-domain. This will be the URL shown when you are on the homepage of your Quick Base application. It should look something like this: https://yourdomain

  3. In the next field select the answer ‘yes’ if your application requires an application token.

    • If you answered ‘yes’ a new field will appear. Enter your app token in the new field. For more information about app tokens click here.
    • If you answered ‘No’, fill in the username and password.
  4. Next click the green button labeled ‘Link Your Account’:

If any issues are encountered, the app connection will not be established and an error message will appear to the left of the ‘Link Your Account’ button:

Once the app is successfully connected a green message will appear to the right of the button and the button label will change to ‘Disconnect’:

Clicking this button will now disconnect the app

  1. Now that you’ve completed your app connection, return to the ‘App Connections’ tab where you can view all of your connections, including the one you have just added.

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