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A+ work

We worked with Quandary on an implementation of a personnel management system. They were incredibly quick at building a tool to fit our niche use case and also figured out how to integrate it with Greenhouse. TJ was awesome and was super helpful and willing to put in long hours to build a tool that worked for us in a crazy environment. We'd definitely work with Quandary again!

Daniel E

Customized program made simple...

This team does a great job of communicating changes, scheduling calls to chat, and doing what they can to create the program the business needs and wants. They are fun to chat with, real people who take on new challenges and make them a reality.

Carmen Whiting, Total Package Professional Services LLC

A Great Business Partner!

Just want to share that Quandary is an outstanding business partner. They have been instrumental in the design of our Quick Base app. Response time is fast. Their staff has taken the time to learn not only about our business but how we do business as well, resulting in a functional app. If you need a company to help you develop your Quick Base account, Quandary is the company to call.

Dave Plekkenpol, KR Wolfe


Using Jacobs online portal to process invoices has been easy and intuitive. The portal has an excellent overview of all necessary parts of the invoice (purchase order, calculations, contact information). Compared to other large name invoicing sites, this method has been a joy to use. I recommend the use of this system to any company looking for a good system to transact with their customers.

Drew, Chemtreat

Nothing out of reach

I moved our business applications to QuickBase in 2013 and have worked 3 other consultants, but when I found Quandary, they listened to my needs and learned my business which the previous companies did not do. They identified automations and solutions to increase our productivity and assist in managing a multitude of datasets which has increased our sales. There is nothing out of reach with my imagination and their ability to create processes and managment tools!

Diana Rotondo, AiN Group

Project Management Application

The Quandry Team came to the table with an immense amount of knowledge regarding a project management application of QB. Their comprehensive Launch and Support have been invaluable to our team.

Bethany, Chick-fil-A Inc.

Great company and the customer service is outstanding.

"Great company and the customer service is outstanding. Great group of people to work with and they really know their product."

Jane Baum

Professional, caring, honest, knowledgeable and transparent.

"I worked with Kevin and the experience was great! Professional, caring, honest, knowledgeable and transparent."

Casey Gibson

Quandary has helped me improve my company's website tremendously.

"Great company and the customer service is outstanding. Great group of people to work with and they really know their product."

Kenji Otokawa

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