Pipefy Solutions

Automate Away Complex Processes in Minutes

Set them free with automations built quickly on a secure, low-code platform for workflows and Business Process Automation (BPA).

Repetitive Tasks Cost Your Business in a Big Way


Average Time Employees Spend on Weekly Repetitive Tasks


Time Lost Per Employee Per Year on Duplicate Tasks


Average Time Spent Managing Unnecessary Emails Each Year

Manual Tasks Kill Your Productivity and Profitability

Growth means nothing if you can’t scale your systems and workflows. Without automated systems, your team will spend exponentially more time on repetitive tasks instead of meaningful projects.The truth: your employees don’t have enough time for critical tasks. So, how do you give them more time? You need to rethink your processes and workflows, automating away the menial tasks. Investing in technology will get you there. But, there is high risk and high cost associated with most custom solutions. Luckily, you don’t have to go all-in on custom applications…

With Pipefy, you can give your team the power to automate workflows and manage business processes. No coding skills required! Need automated employee onboarding? Invoicing? Marketing? No matter what department, your team can rapidly build the automated solutions they need. Improve efficiency. Reduce data errors. Increase visibility. And scale your business leaner and faster than ever before.

Give Your Employees More Time with Pipefy

Increase Efficiency

Automate tasks and connect processes using low code.

Deploy Faster

Empower your team to build solutions without bogging down IT.

Connect with Everyone

Keep your customers, vendors, and team updated with ease.


Connect all your systems and applications with a single platform.


Break down silos with integrations and accessible data dashboards.

Scalable. Secure.

Pipefy remains security compliant while scaling to meet your needs.

Transform How Work Gets Done with Pipefy

Finish Tasks Faster and Easier

Your customers, vendors, and colleagues can make requests for your team to complete. You build the workflow, ensuring quick and accurate results.

Workato Is Simple to Use
Connect Over 300+ Enterprise Apps

Automate Away the Busy (Boring) Work

Free up your team to focus on critical tasks by streamlining the repetitive obstacles. Reduce overhead, frustration, burnout, and waste.

Collect Data at Every Stage

No need to pull data. With Pipefy, you can see what’s happening at a glance. Real-time reporting for real-time action.

Complete Control Over Your Processes
Connect Over 300+ Enterprise Apps

Use Your Existing Apps Longer

Operations and customer demands change constantly. Pipefy lets you adapt your workflows without abandoning your tool kit.

Connect Everything. Everywhere.

Connect all your systems and move data between them effortlessly. No more wasting time on stitching data together for manual reports.

Complete Control Over Your Processes

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