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Quickbase Wins Award and Receives Outstanding Security Rating

Quickbase has pulled out all of the stops. The low code software development platform continues to garner recognition as the premier product in its space.

Best Low Code Software

For the third consecutive year, Quickbase won the 2019 Top Rated award for Rapid Application Development / Low Code Software from Trust Radius.

One of the unique attributes of these awards is how it is scored. The results are pulled from user satisfaction scores and thus is a direct reflection of the client experience.

Quickbase has long been a leader in the low-code space and this follows a heap of developments starting from late 2018 onwards – including a new mobile application and visual builder.

Security Rating

Along with it being a top-rated development platform, Quickbase was also recognized recently for its exceptional security standards. SecurityScorecard, an independent cybersecurity ratings platform, awarded Quickbase an A rating.

The score is determined by collecting publicly available data and comparing it across 10 key risk indicators.

With cyber attacks being a concern for companies day by day, they want to ensure that their information is being protected properly.

Mike Lemire from the Compliance and Information Security Office at Quickbase acknowledged that “at Quickbase we work hard to provide a highly available and secure platform which enables our customers and partners to quickly build and deploy secure applications to their users.

To highlight how far the company goes to protect client data: Quickbase data centers are spread apart geographically and even have military-grade physical security.

What does this mean for customers?

Quickbase clients can rest assured that their data will be secure when developing on the platform. Additionally, Quickbase’s platform have received SOC 1-2 and HIPAA Compliance, opening up the opportunity for many different industries to take advantage of custom applications.

Not all low-code software platforms are created equal, with some being targeted towards smaller companies.

The beauty of Quickbase is that it is flexible enough to meet the needs of small businesses but also has the rigorous infrastructure to support large enterprises.

To see some of the other latest developments in Quickbase, check out the March 2019 release notes.

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