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Quickbase Release Notes - June 2020

This month Quick Base has continued implementing and refining Pipelines. New channels and actions have been added such as:

  • CSV Handler Channel
  • New Email Trigger for the Outlook Channel
  • CSV Import for the Quick Base Channel

The built-in CSV handler channel allows pipeline users to pull and process CSV fields in a number of file formats. These include files that are delimited by semicolon, spaces, tabs, or commas.

A new email trigger in the Outlook Channel has been incorporated to allow users to activate their constructed pipeline when an email is received that meets the conditions specified. To learn more about the Microsoft Outlook Channel and its steps, click here.

Pipelines has been optimized to import large amounts of data into your Quick Base application. The new step allows pipeline users to import data from a CSV resource into a designated Quick Base table, but is limited to 10,000 rows.

The New Table Report Experience:

You may have already noticed a new beta toggle on table reports recently. This was released on June 2nd and aims to be an alternative to how table reports function. Think of the modern update to your typical excel table where you can add filters to customize the returned data in order to achieve a desired output.

Mobile Offline Data Entry:

Users face many challenges when it comes to working out on the field, especially when there is limited or no internet connection available. Quick Base has rolled out mobile offline data entry allowing users with no internet connectivity to upload records to their Quick Base Application. This is available for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices.

This feature is available for any existing Quick Base customer on the Platform plan and above.

To learn more about the mobile offline data entry and how to set it up, please click here.

Early Access and Bug Fixes

Quick Base continues to focus on feedback from the community and it’s users to monitor and fix any potential issues and or bugs. Here are some key fixes this month for june:

  • There were some fixes in the sandbox environment where notifications recipient changes would not update in the main app as well as not recognizing changes in summary fields and or filters.
  • A fix was implemented regarding errors taking place for some when working with connected tables.
  • Quick Base fixed an issue with API counts being reported incorrectly for users using the Quick Base Mobile App.

To see a complete list of issues that were fixed in more detail, please click here.

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