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Quickbase Release Notes - September 2020

Pipeline Revisions

Quick Base has been working diligently on enhancing the Docusign channel. Some enhancements which have been updated include enabling developers to attach to a demo account as well as envelope subject filtering when retrieving completed envelopes. This will be of particular importance now that file attachments are supported in the Quick Base channel, enabling pipelines to both retrieve data and upload signed documents to records, from Docusign and other channels, such as Box and Google Drive.

Quick Base has also been working on the Webhook channel incorporating the PATCH method. Included in the September Release, the PATCH method now refers to segmented edits to a resource by allowing a list of edits to be applied and this assists third-party integrations in Pipelines which can be a simpler and more robust solution than standard webhooks.

In many pipelines, adding fields for data input required scrolling through extensive lists. Now users are enabled to search in the fields panel, per step, instead of managing a lengthy list of fields being exported from a step in the users’ pipeline.

Forms and Other Updates

Mobile Offline Specific Forms

Quick Base has revamped the mobile offline forms by allowing builders to specify a form to be shown when a user creates or updates records while offline. Previously, forms with form-rules were not available for data entry. Offline entry must be activated for each application by the Realm Administrator in the Admin Console under “Apps” by selecting each application and Enabling this feature:

Microsoft Security Changes Affecting Connected Tables

Microsoft this year will be upgrading their security and will now require OAuth 2.0 rather than Basic authentication access. This will affect connected tables that integrate with Office 365 applications, so Quick Base is adding OAuth 2.0 as an authentication type in order to ensure these connections continue to work seamlessly and new connected tables can be created. Connection owners can expect to receive additional information directly as this change occurs with instructions for how to respond and maintain their connected tables.

Revised Map Styles

In October, Quick Base is looking forward to revamping Map reports. Quick Base will be sending in-product communication to users who are currently using retired styles as some map styles will be retired moving forward.

Other Revisions

Quick Base has been working on a couple of beta items and these are listed below:

  • New Dashboards will soon be made available for Beta testing by opt-in, with a new layout and feel that was demonstrated during Virtual Empower 2020. For a preview, users can check out the recorded sessions in Quick Base University or on the Quick Base Youtube Channel.
  • In public beta, Quick Base is offering RESTful API access to Audit Logs for accounts with this feature. Click Here for early access functionality.

Click Here for more information about the September 2020 release and error fixes this month.

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