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Quickbase Release Notes - November 2020

New RESTful API Admin Feature

Among the new RESTful API features this month, functionality has been added to allow application administrators to retrieve a list of all trigger-based events, including Webhooks, Notifications, Automations, etc., within their application. While this action only returns a list of triggers and meta-data, it will greatly improve the ability to manage application functions and create documentation.

To learn more about this feature and other RESTful API functions, visit the API Guide here.

New Formulas

Quick Base has added two more formula functions to help builders with the simplicity of building applications and or more advanced cases.


Formerly, developers could only identify Month Names as text values by using a Case() or If() formula, necessitating the creation of additional fields or formula variables. The new NameofMonth() formula eliminates this clutter by applying Month Names as text values when checking a Numeric, Date, or Date/Time value.


This formula enables builders to identify a fields properties as a text property within a formula, to identify whether a field is required or not, the currency format applied to the field, maximum length, and other characteristics.

Details about these formulas and syntax are available in the Formula Functions Reference guide here.

New Table Report Revisions

Quick Base this month has updated some report functions and improved the UI to make checked checkboxes more clear and visible. Column header interaction has been updated such that users can now choose the entire header box in order to sort rather than having to zero-in on the filter dropdown, and column width adjustments are now highlighted on hover for easier visibility. Note that these improvements only apply to the new version of the table report, which users can access by using the New Style (Beta) toggle:

Pipeline Improvements

Pipelines Outlook channel this month has been update to allow searching calendars without identifying a subject, and record deletion has been upgraded with the option to send a BODY to utilize the RESTful API delete call. Filters have also seen an overhaul which creates more clarity by identifying to developers when a specified filter choice is invalid rather than allowing the pipeline to run and return unspecified errors.

In the Jira channel, fields have been added to search options so users can quickly search for custom fields for edit rather than parsing through the entire pipeline manually.

Beta Enhancements

Improved Executive Reporting is coming soon with the upgraded modern dashboard interface, allowing users to pull in reports from across all of a realms applications and filter reports with field values. Click Here to find out more about the enhanced dashboards.

Error Fixes

Quick Base has fixed the bar chart label misalignments when the date is populated on the x-axis and the “Hide category labels with no data” is unchecked.

Also corrected this month was the report saving option to save in the appropriate group rather than defaulting back to Common.

Of particular interest to developers, field IDs and field relationships are now permanently visible within the Advanced field properties section.

Click Here for more information about Quick Base Improvements and the official November Release Notes.

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