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Quickbase Release Notes May 2020

Virtual Empower

Save the date! Virtual Empower is here at last. In the interest of the health and safety of their valued users, Quick Base decided to cancel Live Empower in San Diego this year. We will all miss the sun and beaches, but fortunately Quick Base has been able to quickly reorganize the conference to go fully virtual. Registration is available now and the first official day of virtual conference activities begins on June 2nd. This iteration of the yearly Empower experience is especially exciting for users who would have liked to attend in the past but couldn’t travel or pay for tickets, as the virtual conference is being provided to users free of charge!

For newer users, there is a pre-conference virtual core training being offered on both May 27th and 28th beginning at noon Eastern. Building your network is not lost to the cancellation, as attendees are being offered a 45-minute Networking Session on the second day of the conference, with specific sessions available for Construction, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, Small Business, Operations, and Non-Profit industries.

Registration and a detailed events schedule are available Here.


As of April 15th, the Quick Base Pipelines roll-out was completed for all customers with supported plans and a number of enhancements have already been implemented based on feedback received during the early access period.

  • Callable Pipelines are now in alpha production, allowing developers to call and trigger other Pipelines they have set for their applications.
  • During the Pipelines beta, users with access could create pipeline connections that were not accessible to the Realm Administrators, creating problems when users with active Pipelines were removed from apps. This has been corrected for the full roll-out to allow admins to see all their users’ pipeline connections, including those for users no longer accessed to their realm.
  • Box connections Pipelines have been significantly improved with options to reorganize files and folders as well as pull data from linked folders.

A small number of Quick Base customers may not have access to Pipelines. If you believe your plan includes Pipelines but you can’t access them, Quick Base is rapidly addressing support cases to activate Pipelines for users who didn’t get the roll-out Here.

Launch Announcements

Three product enhancements are due to be officially announced during Virtual Empower, to be released to users on 6/2, but Quick Base has released a few exciting details.

  • A New Table Report Interface with updated filtering options will be available shortly after the demo at Empower, and shortly thereafter users will find a new toggle on table reports to switch between the original and new views depending on which interface works best for their data and users.

  • Fully RESTful API calls are soon to be fully implemented and have already been documented in detail Here.

  • Perhaps the most exciting new addition to Quick Base is the ability to add new records while Offline. Customers who utilize applications to connect employees working in-the-field will no longer have to store data in another form and upload it once their reps return from low service areas. Users will simply enter an offline mode, create records, and the change will be implemented as soon as they have a data connection!

Quick Base Sync Overhaul

New security measures are soon to be implemented that are of special interest to application developers and administrators, as they will require significant updates to Gmail, Google Drive, and QuickBooks connections. Usually, when a connection is severed for one of these applications, other connections maintain business as usual. Once the new security measures are implemented, closing off one connection to Google or QuickBooks will also de-authorize any other connections that use the same user token. In addition, Gmail connections specifically will receive an update required by Google that may cause some connections to fail and require reauthorization by the connection owner.

Quick Base will roll these changes out carefully and provide a detailed schedule so that connection owners can be ready to correct for any issues caused by the change as quickly as possible to maintain app functionality. Users can begin preparing now by taking some simple steps, like updating their connections with multiple different user tokens created particularly for single-use cases. You can learn more about user tokens and connection authorization by reading Quandary’s Knowledge Base articles detailing Quick Base Sync and User Tokens, links below.

Quick Base Sync:

User Tokens:

Early Access & Bug Fixes

Early Access:

  • Early access for Bulk Record Batching was made available in April for realm admins to opt-into, and the opt-in is still available as ongoing improvements are made based on user feedback.

  • Not yet available is the toggle for the New table report interface, but it will be rolled out as an option to all quick base users after the official release at Empower on June 2nd.

Bug Fixes:

  • Any user who has ever been tasked with auditing reports to clean up their application interface will be excited about the bug fix for the Used Count column on the main reports page under App Management. The used count formerly didn’t update accurately when certain reports and charts were opened, making it more difficult to distinguish between reports actively in use and those that were no longer relevant. Correcting this issue will make report audits simpler going forward by accurately displaying how often reports in your application are used.

  • An issue causing Realm Admins to still see removed users listed in their realm was corrected so that Admins will now have a correct user count and list of users in their Admin Console.

  • Following up on the recent updates to Sandbox development, Quick Base has corrected an error that was allowing sandbox automations to take action in live applications rather than just the sandbox environment, which relieves developers from having to create special testing conditions as they create application upgrades.

To read in more detail about the entire May release and see the full list of issues fixed, click here.

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