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Quickbase Release Notes – January 2019

The first release of 2019 comes with several changes and updates to the UI and thematic elements to Quick Base.

Among the highlights:

Organizing Reports and Grouping during set up

During report set up – there is now an expanded section that will let the end user better control who can see / use the report in a new format, as well as assign the Report Grouping you want to categorize it under once saved. The interface for assigning what roles can access a report is cleaner with more detail, in addition to a new feature that allows you to put the report into a grouping that was previously only available when you clicked ‘Organize’ under Reports & Charts.

Type ahead Search Picker for all new Apps

As of this month – all new apps have the capability to type ahead and search through records shown in a reference picker. This means that when you are picking a parent record on a form, you can start typing to filter the list of available records that match, rather than always having to see the entire list or set it up to ‘Browse Choices.’

Scroll and Load on reports is now a default feature

This will essentially mean that embedded reports appearing on forms will not load the expected data on the page until they scroll into view. This feature is great for simplifying complex forms and data so that the form only has to load that data if required rather than all of it every time. This setting can be disabled app wide, or on a form by form basis as needed.

Automations now default to bulk action rather than single edits

As of this release – Automations will operate like an import, where if you make a change that triggers the same automation in bulk (think when you do imports or grid edits with several changes at once), the automation will condense those into one action rather than firing a single automation for each change. By wrapping them into a single automation, you reduce the risk of hitting the rate-limit threshold by having too many automations fire at one time.

Of particular note – a new feature planned for next month is a native Quick Base sync that will enable you to push Quick Base data to Power BI (the Microsoft BI / Data Visualization tool) with a secure connector. This will be an opportunity to expand / build executive reporting and dashboards for executive teams through a seamless, Quick Base supported integration. This is a great opportunity for Office Users who may already have a Power BI license through their existing Microsoft account.

There is plenty more to un-pack in this months release as well as more about what’s ahead beyond the above. I encourage you to read the full release notes here.

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