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Quickbase Release Notes – December 2018

The final release notes for 2018 came loaded with new features for advanced and beginner builders alike, the most significant being the long awaited release of the new and improved Quick Base Mobile App. A more in-depth review of that release and what it means for you and your organization can be found here.

December has also brought some great new features for app Admins in the form of:

✓ *Incorporating the “Merge Field” to Imports *

This feature allows users to target a unique field in a table to map your import into, rather than only being able to target the Key field. For example – if you are uploading a file of your internal Project #’s, but your Quick Base table key is the standard Record ID#, you can now use Project # in your import and successfully map to update records. You no longer have to include the key field as part of your import for QB to know where / how to update.

✓ New Combined Text Summary Field

This is my personal favorite – and as the description entails, this feature lets you concatenate text values from children records to a parent via summary fields. Think of a simple scenario where you keep track of Managers in a Quick Base table, and that manager has many ‘Employees’ in another table. You could use this new feature to create a field as part of your Manager record, and list out all the employees that report to them.

✓ Copying Records Via Quick Base Automations

Quick Base continues to focus and develop enhancements to Quick Base automations. The latest allows you to pinpoint a set of records you want to copy with ease.

✓ The standard Quick Base Sync has been enhanced to allow you to manually delete records

✓ Enhanced user control over report colorization

In addition, Quick Base has several early access opportunities for you to try out upcoming features. Two in particular that I would strongly recommend taking a look at include:

✓ Scroll and Load form behavior

This feature has been around for a while, and is coming close to becoming a standard feature. Put simply – this feature means the embedded reports on forms ( showing child records related to the record you are on ) do not load until you scroll over them. This is great in apps with really complex forms or large data sets, as it allows faster processing by not having to load until you need it. So if you use tabs for example, embedded reports only load when you actually click into that tab and scroll your screen to view that embedded report.

✓ Type ahead search picker

Much like the change to report filters allowing to type ahead/search fields, this early access allows you to type ahead into record pickers / relationship fields to filter and quickly find the record you want to associate as a parent.

There is plenty more to un-pack in this months release as well as more about what’s ahead beyond the above. I encourage you to read the full release notes here.

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