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Quickbase Release Notes: August 2020

New Features

New RESTful API capabilities:

A few months ago Quick Base released the new RESTFUL API capabilities and since then, have been adding new relationship endpoints. This August has been no different as Quick Base has provided the ability for its users to get, add, and modify relationships as well as the capability to upload and download files.

File Attachment Caching:

File caching helps speed up the retrieval the next time the user wants to reload data from the Internet or other remote source. Quick Base has now introduced a caching behavior on all files for five minutes per user. Now whenever a user downloads a file and said file has changed, the user will not see the changes until after the cache expires.

Pipelines Upgrades:

Ever wanted to use Pipelines to securely fetch stored CSV or JSON files? If so, Quick Base has listened and is now adding this ability! Now, users can use the file-transfer-handle as a URL in the CSV Handler or JSON Handler channels to obtain files on common hosting service platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.

Pipelines Channel and Site Updates:

The Workday pipeline channel that’s been in beta since April has been removed for the time being. Quick Base announced they are working diligently with Workday to enhance the “security and workflow capabilities” of the channel. Once testing is completed, Quick Base will reintroduce the channel.

Have an idea of what new Pipelines channels should be next or simply want to provide feedback on existing channels? Visit the Quick Base’s UserVoice forum to help improve the Pipelines experience.

Upcoming Beta Opportunities:

New Dashboards

– A refreshed modern user interface and functionality with cross report filtering are coming soon!

New Table Report Experience

– A new approach to table reports that allow more viewing, sorting, and filtering options has been live for some, but coming to more users shortly.

If you are interested in signing-up for early access on current and upcoming features, click here.

Bug Fixes:

Quick Base has done a great job every month to address any major issues continuing their effort to focus on quality users. This month is no exception.

An issue with the new record button in Quick Base not properly displaying the record id number as the button label was corrected.

Additional Information

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