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Updating the Fields Displayed in a Record Picker | INTERMEDIATE


Occasionally, in Quick Base, all the details of a record cannot be displayed (i.e. selecting the master record when creating a child record). In these instances, Quick Base will display the fields from the record picker. The information displayed in a record picker is limited to up to three fields from the parent table. By default, Quick Base always includes the key field in record picker. In most tables, the key field is the record ID which is not usually helpful in identifying a record.


If a user is creating a task (child record) and trying to assign it to an employee (master record), the record ID of the employee is most likely not going to be useful to the user (Default). In this example, the employee’s name, title, etc. would be much more valuable to a user than the record ID.


After Changing Record Picker:

To customize the information displayed in the record picker, follow the directions in the navigation section.

To customize the information shown in a record picker:

A. Navigate to the Table Home Page.

B. Click settings

C. Click ‘Advanced settings’

D. Scroll to the ‘Identifying Records’ section

E. Select the (up to) three columns you want users to see when using a record picker.

If you want to learn more ways to customize Quick Base tools, check out the article, User-Friendly Forms.

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