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New List Pickers | BASICS

In the February 2019 Release of Quick Base updates – a major feature change was to introduce the new List Picker (for reference fields) on forms. The move was made to modernize and enhance the drop-downs by giving them a built-in type ahead search feature.

To give context for comparison – List Pickers used to be the standard HTML drop-down – and as of this writing you can still see this type of dropdown via grid edit reports like so:

As of this release, List Pickers will look like below:

As you can see – the modern look and feel displays your chosen columns in a much cleaner way, and as mentioned above – you can type directly into this drop-down and have the results filter what shows, as you type.

If you are looking to update what columns are shown when you toggle the drop-down:

  1. From your table – Select Settings > Advanced Settings
  2. Under the section header for ‘Identifying Records’ – you will see an input for 3 fields to show in the Default Record Picker

  1. Select from the drop-downs what fields you want to show when someone opens up your record picker
  2. Toggle the preview to see what your end users will see when using a Quick Base form

For more information and detail about the new list pickers, as well as more info about the February 2019 Release, read our full breakdown here.

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