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Many forms in Quick Base applications utilize a notes field for users to further describe the record. Over time, records change and users will have to update their notes. By default, if the information in a notes field is overwritten, then it will be lost when the record is saved. This is okay if users only need the current state of a record, but if users need to be able to understand how the record progressed to its current state, changes have to be logged. This article focuses on logging changes to text fields; if you would like to learn about how to build out a complete audit log of changes to a record, check out the article: Create Audit/Change Logs with Automations.

Logging Changes to Text Fields

  1. To log changes, navigate to the field’s settings. Once there, scroll down to the ‘Text Field Options’ section and check the ‘Log Entries’ button

  1. You may receive the following error message: unchecking Auto-fills disables copying the field’s value to a new record if the record is copied.

  1. Choose the preferred formatting


Users can also determine if they want the most recent change to be at the bottom or top of the list of changes, to use usernames or full names, and to add a timestamp. Below is an image of what multiple edits will look like if the name and date are chosen on their own line, and the most recent change is at the bottom of the list.

If you are interested in learning more about logging different field types, check out the article: Create Audit/Change Logs with Automations.

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