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Using QB Automations to Send Out Notifications | BEGINNER

Whether you use automations to reduce repetitive steps, streamline manual processes or use notifications to send emails that are targeted for specific users about a particular project status – automations and notifications are powerful tools in Quick Base that can be leveraged together to get the most out of them.

However, there are some limitations when it comes to notifications such as:

✓ Notifications cannot be sent out on a schedule.

✓ Notifications cannot be sent out on a specific time.

We can use automations to circumvent these notification limitations by combining automations with notifications.

For example, we can send out notification(s) on a schedule, using the scheduled action automation to trigger the notification by checking a box on the record. When that box is checked, the notification will send.

Setting Up Automations to Send Out Notifications

Creating the Automation:

  1. Create a checkbox field in the table of your choosing and place it on the form.

BEST PRACTICE: It’s best practice to create a separate Admin Tab when using fields that do not need to be shown on a form within your table. For example, the checkbox field created in step 1, is not a field type where a user would need to do anything with. Instead of creating confusion with the user by showing this field, we create an Admin Tab to store fields with similar purpose of the checkbox field created. Also consider setting up a dynamic form rule to hide the admin tab from all roles other than the administrator role.

  1. Go into Automations and create a New Automation.

  1. Choose a trigger – On a schedule.

  1. Define schedule and choose how often the automation should run.

EDITORS NOTE: Scheduled automations should run between 8:00am and 11:00 am UTC.

  1. Add an Action and select Modify record(s) as your action and click Finish.

  1. Check to ensure the correct App has been populated correctly and pick a table where the modify record(s) are housed.

  1. Select Filter Records to display the filters and conditions menu.

  1. Add your checkbox field and any other fields that you would like.
  2. Under Select fields and specify values, add your checkbox field, have the sources be select from a list, and have the value as Checked.

  1. Click Save & Close to save the automation.

Creating the Notification:

  1. Go to the table within your app where the checkbox field resides and open up Notifications, subscriptions, & reminders in the table settings menu.

  1. Create a New Notification and set up the Notification Name and Notify Whom.

  1. Fill-out the Notification When section and select Additional criteria to show the additional criteria preferences. Select the preferences that suits you best.

  1. Complete the Email Contents section of your notification to complete the notification setup.
  2. Click Save & Close to save the notification.

Once your automation and notification setup is complete, go ahead and test both your automation and notification separately first before testing them together to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

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