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Visual App Builder

In March 2019, Quick Base introduced the Visual App Builder. This feature offers users a new way to build new applications and edit existing apps. The Visual App Builder is a more user-friendly, intuitive tool to build apps than the legacy options: ‘Start from scratch’ and ‘Import a spreadsheet’. Follow the steps below to create a Quick Base application using the Visual App Builder. Outlined below is a simple, two-table Invoicing app.

Creating a New App Using the Visual App Builder

  1. From the My Apps page in your Quick Base realm, click ‘New App’ in the top right corner of your home page then click ‘Try building your new app with the Quick Base Visual Builder’. Then name the app, choose an icon and give it a description.

To use the Visual Builder from existing apps, click ‘Settings’, ‘App Management’, and then ‘Show Quick Base Visual Builder’

  1. Create your first table: click and drag the ‘Table’ icon from the left bar menu to the space on the right. Repeat for a second table.

  1. Add fields to each table by clicking the arrows in the top right of the table’s icon and then naming the field (‘Field Label’) and choosing the field type.

  1. To create a table-to-table relationship, click, hold, and drag the icon from one table to another, choose the parent and child tables, and then click ‘Create Relationship‘.

EDITORS NOTE: The new Visual App Builder was a big hit in the Quick Base Community.

If you want to learn more about creating a Quick Base application, check out the article: Application Diagram.

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