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Organizing the Table Bar | BEGINNER

The Quick Base table bar represents a list of the tables/modules that have been set up in structuring your Quick Base application. It offers quick links to your key business processes in Quick Base, as well offering a visual of the most important aspects of your Quick Base application.

Every Quick Base application has a table bar that looks similar to below:

It is one of the few constants that every user shares, so its important to organize and structure it in a way that users can easily navigate.

BEST PRACTICE: It is advised that you organize the table bar based on usage and importance. Tables that are used the most often or are pivotal in your workflow should appear first. Additionally, tables that work together should be next to each other. Helper tables or those that aren’t used daily can appear at the end.

EDITORS NOTE: Organizing the table bar is an admin-only setting, available only to those with Administrator user access with the ability to modify high level application settings.

To update the organization of the table bar:

  1. From the application Home Page, click Settings -> Tables

  2. Re-Organizing Tables is a matter of drag-and-drop, so click on title of the first table you want to move and hold your mouse click down

  3. Drag the table up or down to place it above or below another table and release

  4. Repeat for each table you want to move / organize in the table bar

A short video (below) has been prepared to see it in action

To take it a step further, review the article on Hiding Tables from the Table Bar

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