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Hiding Tables from the Table Bar | BEGINNER

For more info about what the table bar is or how to organize it – head over and read about Organizing the Table Bar

It’s common during an application life cycle that your Quick Base application becomes large enough, or has certain information that is unavailable to certain users, that you want to restrict those icons from showing the the Table Bar. Some common examples might be:

✓ Hiding Archived or Legacy tables

✓ Removing tables if you have external users

✓ Removing tables for users that do not use or need to see them

EDITORS NOTE: Organizing the table bar is an admin-only setting, available only to those with Administrator user access with the ability to modify high level application settings

  1. From your application home page, select Settings -> Roles, to view the full list of Roles currently set up in your application

  2. Select the first role that you would like to make updates to

  3. Select the User Interface Tab

  1. On this screen, you will see a complete list of all tables set up in your application. Scroll to find a table you would like to remove from the table bar for this role, and select the checkmark under the ‘Hide in Table Bar’ column This will not change their access or permissions, only the ability to see it on the table bar

  2. Repeat this for each table you want hidden. Do the same for each role that you want to make updates to

A short video (below) has been prepared to walk through it visually

To take it a step further, take a look at setting up a brand new role and take this into account when setting it up.

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