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Creating an App from the Quickbase Exchange | BEGINNER

The Quick Base Exchange is a library of pre-built applications created by other users. From there, you can quickly sort and filter to find an app to meet your needs. All apps from the Exchange are completely customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements.

Why would I download an app from the Exchange?

✓ Quickly stand up application. No need to rebuild the wheel.

✓ Great way to learn how different types of apps are configured for specific business processes.

Choosing the right app:

There are many apps in the Exchange that solve similar problems, albeit with solutions of varying detail and complexity. The Exchange allows you to quickly look at the tables being used in applications as well as documentation and app overviews, guiding the decision for your use case. Every app you download from the Exchange is entirely customizable, so it’s often best to start with a less complex app and add functionality as you need it.

How to download an app from the Exchange:

  1. From realm home page, find the section on the right-hand side titled Try Quick Base with a sample app and click Explore sample apps.

  1. The Exchange home page will allow you to search, browse by category, get apps, rate and review apps. You can also see the newest Staff Picks from the Quick Base team.

  2. After deciding on an application, click the Get this app button to create a copy of the app for your realm. A popup will open asking you to name your new application, click Create to complete the setup.

  1. Upon creation, you will be directed to the new app’s home page. Here you can begin interacting with the current sample data. Once you’re ready to start using your own data, click the orange Delete sample data button.

EDITORS NOTE: Don’t forget to add new users and remove any that may have copied over. These users do not have roles by default and are just for demo purposes.

Exchange Home Page:

You’ll notice that all applications have some higher-level information displayed about them including their name, date added to Exchange, rating, description and tables used. You can click Details for a more in depth overview of reviews, download counts, screenshots and documentation.

Application Overview:

Application Detailed View:

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