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Copying an Application | INTERMEDIATE

Sometimes it may be necessary to create a copy of an application. The following are a couple examples where this might prove useful:

✓ Creating a non-production testing environment.

✓ Rolling out an existing application to a new branch of your company.

EDITORS NOTE: You will need permission from the Application Manager in order to copy applications.

Copying a Quick Base application:

  1. Navigate to: Home > Settings > App management
  2. At the bottom of the page, you will see Copy app listed under the Manage the App section. If you do not see it listed here, then you will need the Application Manager to grant you permission. After clicking Copy app you will be taken to the following page:

  1. Customize your Application Name, Application Description, Data options and User & Roles options and click Copy Application to create your new app!

Data Options:

Depending on your scenario, you may or may not want to copy data. For instance, if you want to create a testing environment where you can create new functionality or debug issues then it would make sense to copy with data. If you wanted to roll out an existing application to a new branch in your company and didn’t need to share information, then it would make sense to copy without data.

Copy this application with data:* Creates an identical copy of your existing application with all table records.

Including file attachments: Select if you want to include existing file attachments with the copy. The total size of attachments must be less than 75 MB.

Copy this application without data: This will create an empty shell of the application.

EDITORS NOTE: Be aware that the copy will fail if you have more than 75MB of attachments or you exceed the space limit of your Billing Account

Users & Roles Options:

Copy users in their roles: Selecting this option will duplicate all users and assign them to their existing roles. This will AUTOMATICALLY grant them access to the new application.

Copy users and roles separately (don’t assign roles): Selecting this option will duplicate the user list in the copy, but all Role values will be set to none (expect yours).

Post Copy Cleanup:

After copying your application, there will still be a few actions to get it fully functional:

✓ If you copied users in their roles, you may want to manually invite them to the new copy. Copying in their roles grants them access to the app, but does not notify them.

✓ Activate existing Notifications, Reminders and Subscription emails. By default they are copied but not activated.

✓ Activate existing Webhooks and Actions.

After copying an application, you may decide that you no longer want some of your existing users. The article Denying User Access can help you with that.

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