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Changing App Name, Description and Icon | BASICS

An important feature of your app is its name, description and icon. Name and description can be used to help find an app and inform the user about its purpose. The icon and its color can also provide a visual guide.

When you first create a new application you are required to enter a name, with the option of adding a description. If you’d like to change the name, description, icon or color follow these steps:

  1. Go to your app homepage and click the setting icon

  2. One there you will see the option to change both the App Name and Description. Add an identifiable name and a description that indicates the purpose of the app and any useful information that might help a user visiting your app for the first time:

  1. Now you can edit the App icon and color. Click ‘Edit’ under the icon shown to the right of the ‘App Name:

  1. A pop-up screen will appear. This is another place where you can update ‘App Name’ and ‘Description’. To change the ‘App Icon’ click the arrow to the right of the database icon. There you will be presented with a wide variety of app icons to choose from:

  1. On the same popup window you can also change the color of your app icon (by default the icon is purple). To do so, either chose from one of the preset colors by clicking on of the colored circles or enter a specific ‘hex’ color code. (For more color code options, click here)

  1. Once you’ve completed these changes, click save to update your application.

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