8-Hour Weekly Reduction in Manual Tasks with New Custom CRM System

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A successful heating repair company with many years of experience in the industry.


The family-owned company had an inefficient system in place that consisted of Microsoft Office and numerous paper files and documents. Their customers had to fill paper forms and staff members inputted the data into the computer manually.

The company’s managing director believed that his company's reliance on paper documents resulted in numerous errors from incorrect data entry. Additionally, he noted that manual data entry had cost the company an estimated 15% in revenue.

They needed a system that could automate their processes and preserve the “family business” ethos. This way, their customers always felt as though their team was working with them directly.

The client researched off-the-shelf solutions and came to the conclusion that they didn’t fit their business processes. As a result, they decided to build a bespoke CRM system with Quandary Consulting Group to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Quandary’s Custom Application Development team built a fully customizable CRM solution that managed employee workload from a centralized system. It also drastically reduced wasted time and costs.

The platform had an intuitive user interface. As a bespoke CRM, it included functions and features relevant to the client’s business. For example, the system digitized customer data, making it accessible. It also automated all existing processes and correspondence with customers.

Our client's customers were given an opportunity to upload photos as well. This allowed the client to see and better understand the tasks their team needed to complete. We also included accounting functionality to create reports and invoices, freeing the client from the need to invest in special accounting software.


Using our process, we build a custom CRM system that eliminated paperwork, streamlined the processes, and gave our client greater visibility into their business with real-time reporting.

Most significantly, this new system drastically reduced the time employees wasted on menial tasks each day. In short, with our custom CRM platform, we reduced the time our client's employees spent on administrative tasks by 2 hours a day or one full workday a week.

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