Business Process Improvement Project Leads to $100,000 Annual Savings

Company Profile

A medium-sized industrial equipment manufacturing company with a strong market position and sound financials that has been operating for over 14 years with consistent profitable growth.


The company has expanded over the last few years and increased sales but the rising costs threatened to undermine its future growth. The company has a commitment to continuous improvement and growth and business process improvement was needed to achieve these goals and remain competitive.

Quandary CG was engaged in the project due to its deep expertise with modeling practices and scalable process management. We were asked to review all the existing business processes in the company and provide recommendations on their possible optimization. Our task was also to produce a cost-effective action plan for the company’s staff to follow.


During the course of the project, the customer was interacting with Quandary’s Process Improvement team. Our experts conducted a comprehensive review of all the relevant processes and mapped them out to uncover gaps and increase process efficiency. Operating problems and obstacles were identified and summarized. Quandary team determined areas where improvements could be made based on the best practices and presented the findings to the client’s staff.

Quandary process improvement team produced a complete and accurate picture of the business process and proposed effective methods to increase efficiency. Our report contained 20 firm recommendations that would definitely lead to immediate cost-savings. Quandary experts also developed a more efficient process flow and provided a specific and actionable roadmap that detailed necessary changes in the business process across the company. We defined the company’s current key business metrics and determined future benchmarks to help the client monitor the company’s progress.


The Lean process improvement empowered the company’s employees to remove bottlenecks and unnecessary processing steps. The company’s staff was enabled to recognize inefficiencies and develop a culture of continuous improvement. The recommendations were successfully implemented. The company’s annual savings are expected to be $100,000.

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