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AiN is a private buying group, aligning nationwide Dealers and Manufacturers to provide unparalleled support and unmatched buying power. AiN brings together thousands of Integrators with their network of 300+ Dealers to ensure volume pricing and provide technical excellence and support for best-in-class solutions for their network members.


"I moved our business applications to QuickBase in 2013 and have worked 3 other consultants, but when I found Quandary, they listened to my needs and learned my business which the previous companies did not do. They identified automations and solutions to increase our productivity and assist in managing a multitude of datasets which has increased our sales. There is nothing out of reach with my imagination and their ability to create processes and management tools!" - Diana Rotondo, VP Operations


Holding an enormous amount of historical sales data, the Customer wanted to improve the structure and usability of the system. Going forward, they wanted to simplify the database use by their staff.

Being a future-oriented company, they were looking for a supplier who could rebuild their system ensuring perfect flexibility and implementation of control mechanisms. The Customer was looking for a modern solution allowing easy reporting functionality. Moreover, they were looking for a way to minimize the number of emails sent and a way to integrate the internal communication flow into the system.

The Customer was open to suggestions on the best technology to use for the project. They were looking for a supplier to manage the analysis, development and maintenance of their new system.


During the course of the project, the Customer was interacting a lot with Quandary Custom Business Applications and Process Improvement teams.

Process Improvement team mapped the previous sales transaction flow and found gaps related to contract commission rates management. Investigating this task thoroughly, they saw an opportunity to improve the outreach process for contractors that don’t meet their full potential.

The application development engineers took over to implement the Quick Base database enriched by custom scripts. This bespoke solution can process sales transactions with speed and reliability. All the historical sales data is now available in handy customizable reports format.


The new system can provide reports on the current state of the client, contracted commissions and previous transactions in a couple of clicks. This allows the sales representatives of the Customer to be better prepared for negotiations and close deals more effectively. The overall annual efficiency is reaching $100K.

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