Significant Labor Reduction with Custom Low Code CRM Platform

Company Profile

A leading manufacturer and distributor of heating and ventilation equipment to the construction industry.


The company already invested in an off-the-shelf CRM system. However, it was expensive, complex, and slow. As a result, many employees avoided using it, opting for ordinary spreadsheets instead.

To ensure business growth, the company needed a new easy-to-use, a fast CRM system that was custom-built. This system needed to track all these sales starting from initial proposals to project completion.

Additionally, they needed a tailor-made CRM system that could improve communication between employees. Specifically, they wanted to give employees real-time updates and customized reporting for all contracts. And they wanted better search options and easier navigation in a fast, simplistic system.


Quandary's Custom Application Development Team created a bespoke CRM solution to suit customer needs. Specifically, this platform addressed the issues facing by the client.

Using the new platform, users can take advantage of quick search (by section and by the whole database) to find information about companies, projects, contacts, and quote records.

Employees can also view the status of each project in a pipeline. And the platform records all updates to the CRM system, displaying them in a timeline for the staff. Additionally, the system uses updated information and generates real-time sales reports.


The new bespoke CRM developed using our process changed the way our client's business worked for the better. The client reduced the time needed to add new clients and projects by 50%. Plus, all employees willingly use the new system and take advantage of improved team communication and real-time reporting.

More so, the new system is scalable with additional, advanced features ready to deploy as the company grows. And new features can be easily developed back office to help the clients' staff manage their daily operations.

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