Custom Application Build Reduces Labor Costs at Over 9000 Locations

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Through their deeply rooted history in providing trust, care, and accessibility, this nationwide company is well-known today as a provider of care in local communities around the U.S. And with 9,200 freestanding stores that include pharmacies, clinics, and other services, they help champion the health and needs of their customers.


To compete in today’s health care and retail markets evolve, this company needed to continue innovating, updating, and maintaining over 9,000 stores. As a result, this company relied on a network of vendors, project managers, and store managers.

This company's staff was responsible for replacing and fixing elements inside the stores, for example, gondolas, shelving, lighting, etc.

However, the existing system of submitting and receiving service requests for the store by project managers was a manual process that involved filling out a physical form. Afterward, they stored the form on the company’s internal portal page and submitted it through email to the Store Touch Request Team (STR Team).

The STR team then reviewed each request and manually duplicated the request into their system. The current process was time-consuming, inefficient, and resulted in common human-errors.

Additionally, the company’s internal portal for project and service managers to submit these requests was going to be deactivated. And that would have caused a gap in how project and store managers could access and submit their requests.


Quandary Consulting Group knew that this problem was a growing concern for the team and quickly went to work to build a custom solution.

Our tech consultants worked closely with the STR team to build an easy-to-use request portal. This portal automatically transferred each request into the STR Team’s main Quickbase application to manage all new and current tasks. Additionally, the custom application met all internal compliance and corporate requirements for user access.

Now, when a store or project manager identifies a maintenance need at their location, they can easily access the External Request Application without being an actual user. And they can do this through Quickbase’s feature of assigning an “Everyone to the Internet” role.

Once the manager enters the information, the STR team receives a notification of the new request in their Outlook team inbox. From there, they can go into the application to review and approve the request.

If the request needs additional information, the requester is notified automatically through the internal notification system within Quickbase.

Once the new request is approved and can be managed by the STR team, the information from the request gets mapped over in the STR team’s Quickbase application through the use of Webhooks. This eliminates the need for a member of the STR team to manually create a new request record in their own system and be able to fulfill the request quicker.


  • Reduction in manual inefficiencies such as the inputting and tracking of submitted requests
  • Streamlining data entry by providing a single portal for users to enter, review their requests
  • Increased user access to the External Form Application without going over the company’s user count agreement
  • Daily workflow time reduction of one hour from request submission and review

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