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Company Profile

This company services clients nationwide with teams of general contracting specialists and systems integration specialists. These teams focus on construction and proprietary systems integration within the medical, education, commercial, government, and solar fields.

Excelling in the medical industry, their teams of technicians hold manufacturer certifications to install and fully integrate operating room equipment and hospital construction projects. From cleanroom renovations to new construction.

Client Testimonial

"This team does a great job of communicating changes, scheduling calls to chat, and doing what they can to create the program the business needs and wants. They are fun to chat with, real people who take on new challenges and make them a reality."


Due to the industry demands and growing nature of this company, they found themselves in a constant hiring pattern. And because they serviced facilities all over the country, there was a growing list of onboarding requirements and documentation needed for each employee.

Each state where they provide service requires different credentials, medical clearances, identification forms, etc. Quickly, the human resources felt the burden of quickly identifying, collecting, and organizing all of the necessary documents for each new employee.

Additionally, they needed to track the ongoing recertifications of each employee. This would help them ensure that their staff continuously met state requirements while keeping their credentials up-to-date.


Quandary Consulting Group worked closely with the Human Resources team to build a robust and effective onboarding and credentialing application platform.

Using this platform, new employees receive a secure Quickbase form for entering all of their pertinent information during onboarding. The main application maps this information using automation. Additionally, it sends all of the necessary DocuSign forms using Workato.

Depending on the employee's location and job function, they receive all of their applicable onboarding and credentialing paperwork via DocuSign. The DocuSign templates are strategic in nature, only sending relevant information and requests to each employee when needed.

Once employees fill out and sign the documents, the platform maps the data into Quickbase using Workato. And it stores this information in secure personnel files before notifying Human Resources that the form is complete.

Quickbase then logs all applicable credentials in the onboarding process automatically, reflecting this information in the employee’s personal profile.

Credentials requiring recertification send automated reminders to employees and their managers. This prevents any credentials from expiring and keeps employees from accessing work sites or causing work delays. The platform also flags and notes credential issues on the employee’s dashboards.


Using our robust, onboarding and credential system, our client's HR department can now:

  • Process hundreds of signed documents sent through DocuSign with automated processes instead of mailing paper files back and forth
  • Reduce onboarding time by several hours per new employee
  • Prevent the loss of pertinent paperwork and credential information during the onboarding process
  • Provide credential notifications to reduce expired credentialing issues
  • Track and manage over 13,000 employee credentials of more than 20 different types in Quickbase
  • Display valuable reporting data on each employee's credential standings

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