Built Robust Onboarding and Credential System Using Quick Base, DocuSign, and Workato


This company services clients nationwide with teams of General Contracting Specialists and Systems Integration Specialists focused on construction and proprietary systems integration within the medical, education, commercial, government and solar fields. Excelling in the medical industry, technicians are manufacturer certified to install and fully integrate operating room equipment and hospital construction projects from clean room renovations to new construction.


"This team does a great job of communicating changes, scheduling calls to chat, and doing what they can to create the program the business needs and wants. They are fun to chat with, real people who take on new challenges and make them a reality."


Due to the industry demands and growing nature of this company, they found themselves in a constant hiring pattern. Servicing facilities all over the country, there was a growing list of onboarding requirements and documentation needed for every employee. Each state they service requires different credentials, medical clearances, identification forms, etc. It was becoming a burden for the Human Resources team to identify, collect, and organize all of the required documents for each new employee. In addition, they needed to track the ongoing recertifications of each employee to always ensure they were meeting requirements and that all of their credentials were up to date and accurate.

Built Robust Onboarding and Credential System Using Quick Base, DocuSign, and Workato

Quandary Consulting Group worked closely with the Human Resources team to build a robust and effective onboarding and credentialing application.

When an employee is onboarded they receive a secure Quick Base form to enter all of their pertinent information. This information is mapped to the main application using automations and to their applicable DocuSign forms using Workato. Depending on the employees location and job function, they are then sent all of their applicable onboarding and credentialing paperwork via DocuSign. The DocuSign templates are created in a strategic manner to only send the relevant information and requests to each employee. Once the documents are completed and signed, they are mapped back into Quick Base using Workato to be stored in their secure Personnel Files and Human Resources is notified about the completion. All applicable credentials captured in the onboarding process are logged in Quick Base automatically and reflected on the Employee’s profile. Credentials requiring recertification send automated reminders to employees and their managers to avoid any credentials expiring and preventing employees from accessing work sites or causing work delays. Credential issues are also flagged and noted on the employee’s dashboards.


  • Hundreds of signed documents are now sent through DocuSign through an automated process instead of paper files being mailed back and forth
  • Onboarding time reduced by several hours per each new employee
  • Pertinent paperwork and credential information is no longer missed or lost in the onboarding process
  • Credential notifications alleviate expired credentialing issues
  • Over 13,000 Employee Credentials of more than 20 different types are tracked and managed in Quick Base
  • Human Resources saves time gathering the appropriate onboarding documents with every new employee
  • Valuable Reporting on employee credential standings

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