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This company services clients nationwide with teams of general contracting specialists and systems integration specialists focused on construction and proprietary systems integration within the medical, education, commercial, government, and solar fields.

They excel in the medical industry and their technicians are manufacturer certified to install and fully integrate operating room equipment and hospital construction projects from cleanroom renovations to new construction.


The company had no way to track inventory inside their warehouse or in the field. Employees received tools and equipment that they often traded among each other. With no way to track them, tools were often broken, lost, stolen, etc. As a result, they found themselves overspending on equipment they already owned but had no way of tracking.

And when employees left the company, many took their company-owned tools with them. This became a burden for accounting to log assets on their balance sheet. Ultimately, the company needed a way to track inventory and manage it strategically.


Quandary Consulting Group created a system to effectively track and manage their inventory. This robust system accommodates the unique inventory workflows the company maintains.

Using this custom platform, the client can check out equipment from their warehouse to employees, request new inventory from stores when inventory gets low, temporarily collect a technician's set of tools to calibrate, transfer tools from one employee to another, and much more.

The system also tracks warranty information, provides a complete maintenance history, and alerts users of upcoming maintenance requirements. At any given moment, their system shows a clear picture of their inventory, any check-out supplies, and what inventory they need to purchase, repair, or replace.

Additionally, they can charge employees for lost or broken inventory items when the employee is at fault. And accounting can see clear reporting to log asset increases and decreases on their balance sheet.

Finally, when a technician in the field needs a new piece of equipment, they can request new items directly from their dashboard. When an inventory item is directly connected to a project, can also track use against the project for billing purposes.


This custom inventory system:

  • Tracks and manages over 1,000 inventory items (valued over $50,000) in Quickbase
  • Provides a view of the total dollar value on hand and total dollar value issued out
  • Displays clear accounting reporting to log assets and expenses
  • Processes requests for additional supplies from vendors when a certain level is hit
  • Allows technicians to request new tools or equipment from management when necessary
  • Tracks inventory losses, maintenance schedules, and warranty information
  • Charge employees for losses when applicable
  • Issues equipment with employee acknowledgment of receipt
  • Transfers inventory between employees
  • Reports on inventory by category

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