$800,000 in Unpaid Invoices Automatically Processed with Custom Invoicing Platform

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This company is a team of highly experienced travel professionals focused on aviation operations and hospitality services. They offer customized hotel-booking solutions tailored to the needs of professional travelers worldwide. And they support Business Jet Owners, Flight Operations Management Companies, Commercial Air Crew, and VIP travelers.

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"After an exhaustive search to find the right Quickbase Partner to enhance and upgrade our existing App, we came across the team at Quandary.

Within the first few minutes of our discovery call, Kevin and his team completely understood our needs, developed a strategy for success, and delivered on-time, within budget and provided above and beyond service, with add-on's that we didn't know were possible after speaking with other providers.

I cannot recommend the team at Quandary enough. Their in-depth understanding of our business process, their patience with our limited understanding of technology, and ultimately their implementation of a fantastic product -- communicating every step of the way -- has been a 'win' for our business.

We are looking forward to years of partnership with this caring, competent, and communicative team from Quandary."

-Jim Fausel, President


This aviation business did not have an efficient system or process to invoices and collect payments. Instead, invoices were manually calculated, created, and emailed. And because they processed invoices manually, they end up processing payments late (as long as 12 months), resulting in many late fees and other issues from unpaid invoices.

Employees also processed invoices incorrectly often, leading to complaints from customers and even more unpaid invoices. Additionally, they were unable to provide accurate and timely information to their flight crews and hotels. As a result, many of their customers were upset and canceled bookings, costing them a major loss of revenue.


With over $800,000 in unpaid invoices, this company needed a complete payment processing overhaul. They were unable to provide accurate information to their customers, flight crews, and hotels. Due to this lack of inaccurate reporting, they were in danger of losing clients.

Something had to be done.

Quandary Consulting Group (QCG) completed a two-day discovery period before beginning to build a new ERP and CRM from scratch. After two months, the new system went live.

The new system supports processed all historical unpaid invoiced bookings, sending them to hotels. Additionally, clients can log-in and see real-time reporting of their travel and spend. Invoicing and payment reconciliations have also been automated.


These custom platforms provide:

  • Real-time reporting for customers and employees
  • Invoicing for over $800K in prior, unpaid invoices
  • Automated invoice creation and delivery process, more than doubling the collections rate
  • Automated payment reconciliation process
  • Automated task manager for each booking
  • Accurate and reliable financial data
  • Customer support for creating and updating bookings online
  • More than 10% customer growth

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