Marketing Application Built In Quick Base, Integrated with Docusign using Workato, embedded into their Wordpress site.


AiN is a private buying group, aligning nationwide Dealers and Manufacturers to provide unparalleled support and unmatched buying power. AiN brings together thousands of Integrators with their network of 300+ Dealers to ensure volume pricing and provide technical excellence and support for best-in-class solutions for their network members.


“My team has been with several partners over the years and Quandary stands out above the rest. They really understand our business and focus our Quick Base initiatives and applications truly on what we need. Their technical abilities are outstanding and can accomplish any request we throw at them whether through Quick Base or utilizing integration tools. They are communicative, professional, and total experts. As part of our team, they even help us manage and put on our annual conference. We couldn't do it without them. Thank you for everything you do for us Quandary!”

Nick Couture - Graphics Coordinator


As an add-on service to their dealer network, this company offers custom marketing services. The services range from ID badges and door tags to interactive home tour videos and customized email campaigns that range in pricing based on a multitude of factors. With no systematic communication to the Accounting team, they were often working projects at risk, and completing and delivering products that were not yet paid for. In addition, they were spending countless hours manually creating several iterations of quotes sometimes losing track of the email and phone communications surrounding each quote and project. Dealers also did not have a defined or effective way to request services other than untracked phone calls and emails.

Marketing Application Built In Quick Base,

Integrated with Docusign using Workato, embedded into their Wordpress site.

Being deeply integrated with this company, Quandary knew this was a growing problem for their team. With a quick deep dive into the Marketing process, Quandary mapped out an application and within 30 days the Marketing team was using the application and all of its capabilities. The application is robust enough to capture all of the nuances and one-off situations that vary by Dealer. The system tracks the full Marketing process from start to finish. The Dealer initiates a request from the company's website, which is added to Quick Base in real time. The Marketing team quotes the project directly within Quick Base based on standardized SKU pricing, and sends it from the application to the Dealer via Docusign with the click of a button. Once the signed quote returns to Quick Base, the Marketing team follows the templated tasks, based on the type of project, to invoice and complete the job. The system automatically communicates to Accounting to have the invoices sent at the right time, and provides inputs for Accounting to notate when payment is received, so the Marketing team can move forward to production.

Quick Base and Workato also track all emails that are incoming and outgoing against each project so any member of the team can look at recent communication for an update. A comprehensive Marketing dashboard was created to show all projects at a glance, with pending items and follow ups queued for easy view. With one dashboard, any team member or executive can see what projects need quotes, which are in flight, delivered, cancelled, etc. In the weekly Marketing meetings, the team can add notes or updates to their projects directly from the team dashboard.


  • Streamlined Marketing process
  • Ability for Dealers to request marketing services and materials online
  • Hundreds of inbound and outbound emails logged to Quick Base
  • Hundreds of quotes signed digitally
  • Communication with Accounting team

Templated project tasks based on type of job

  • Financial reporting
  • Linked within company website
  • Integration with Docusign

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