Streamlining efficient reporting through Microsoft Power Bi



This nationwide company is built by and made up of consumer electronics dealers serving the residential and commercial building industries and has been doing so for nearly 20 years. By bringing together dealers with their respective customers, they have been expediting top quality products in security, smart homes, electrical solutions and more.


“We have been working with Quandary for many years and they are the best CRM we have ever worked with. They’re service and response time is fast (within a few hours if not within the hour/never over 12 hour response time), which you cannot always find these days in a CRM company or any company for that matter. If there is something the database does not have, and your company is in need of, there is never a “no, we cannot do that”. They customize it to work for your company and find ways to make it happen how you need it to be done. They take the time to listen and are true innovators. We have always felt they value our business.”


With all the new concerns about 2020 and the new challenges it was bringing, with less in-person meetings and more virtual meetings with multiple people, they were having issues with their current reporting capabilities and their ability to share them with their customers. They needed a way to bring about comprehensive and accurate reports much more efficiently with a way that can be shared and viewed on their video conferences.


Streamlining efficient reporting through Microsoft PowerBi

Having worked with Quandary Consulting for many years and understanding how their company works, we implemented the strong reporting tool of PowerBi into their arsenal of informational logistics. By integrating their data from Quick Base into PowerBi, we were able to bring to this company a way to see their information in a whole new way. With PowerBi’s new publishing features, there was also now a way to showcase this information securely and accurately to their customers during this new meeting format. PowerBi was able to streamline their meetings by providing one source for all their data, highlighting multiple charts and diagrams, instead of the usual spreadsheets and raw numbers. All of these reporting tools were then integrated back into Quick Base and was accessible by all of their Sales Reps, through QB’s URL display capabilities, right from their Homepage.



  • Saved time and effort while conversing with customers
  • Brought a new look and feel to reporting
  • Comprehensive, dynamic, interactive multi-level reporting on one platform
  • Secure reporting to show only what is needed
  • Able to display over 20 charts and graphs, and more than a dozen different table reports all from one dashboard
  • Accessible by all Sales Reps for use in talking with clients
  • Used by approximately 15 internal users for reporting on over 250 clients

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