Complete Overhaul of Business Reporting with Power BI

Company Profile

AiN is a private buying group, aligning nationwide dealers and manufacturers to provide unparalleled support and unmatched buying power. AiN brings together thousands of integrators with their network of 300+ dealers to ensure volume pricing.

They also provide technical excellence and support for best-in-class solutions for their network members.

Client Testimonial

“We have been working with Quandary for many years and they are the best CRM we have ever worked with. Their service and response time is fast (within a few hours if not within the hour/never over 12 hour response time), which you cannot always find these days in a CRM company or any company for that matter.

If there is something the database does not have, and your company is in need of, there is never a “no, we cannot do that”. They customize it to work for your company and find ways to make it happen how you need it to be done. They take the time to listen and are true innovators. We have always felt they value our business.”


With the new 2020-related concerns and the new challenges it brought (the transition from in-person meetings to virtual meetings with multiple people), our client struggled with their ability to view and share reporting with their customers.

In short, they needed a way to bring about comprehensive and accurate reports more efficiently. And they needed a way to share and view these reports in multiple mediums during a time of crisis.


Having worked with AiN Group for years, we had a full understanding of their company, their needs, and their goals. As a result, we decided to implement Power BI into their arsenal of informational logistics.

By integrating their data from Quickbase into Power BI, we created a new way for our client to see their information.

With Power BI's new publishing features, our client could display information securely and accurately to their customers during online meetings. Additionally, Power BI streamlined their meetings by providing one source for all their data, highlighting multiple charts and diagrams (instead of the usual spreadsheets and raw numbers).

We integrated all of these reporting tools into Quickbase, making them accessible to all their sales reps (using QB’s URL display capabilities) right on their homepage.


By integrating our client's existing systems with Power BI, we helped them:

  • Save time and effort while conversing with customers
  • Get an updated look and feel to their reporting
  • See comprehensive, dynamic, interactive multi-level reporting on one platform
  • Secure reporting to show only what is needed
  • Display over 20 charts/graphs and more than a dozen different table reports all from one dashboard
  • Provide access to all sales reps for customer discussions
  • Deploy this new system to over 15 internal users for reporting on over 250 clients

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