Quickbase Website Redefines Online Business, Providing More Control and Accurate Reporting

Company Profile

The company is a growing, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company powered by a robust U.S. generics business. Their current mission is to build one of the most dynamic pharmaceutical companies in a rapidly changing industry.


To achieve their goals, the client needed to transfer product management of their catalog from various excel files to Quickbase.

Furthermore, they wanted the information stored in Quickbase to be available on the internet in a custom webpage that displayed their extensive catalog of products in an easily searchable format for customers.

However, a third-party provider maintained their website. As a result, the client couldn't make changes to their online product catalog in real-time. Instead, any change to any product required the client to alert the third-party web hosting services first. Then, they had to wait for them to make the change on the website.

This limitation kept the client from building out filtering tools on their website. That's because they knew that updating their product catalog afterward would be far too time-intensive.

Client Testimonial

“We recently wanted to move our product database to Quick Base and use that to fuel our online catalog. We knew well enough how to create and move the database, but we had no clue how to then show specific fields, in a custom/brand-compliant layout, securely to the public. Quandary Consulting Group to the rescue!

They were quick to validate what we needed, explain their approach and present a competitive, worry-free project cost with a stellar completion date. The developers are extremely responsive with quick turn-around times and quality results. We've been astounded at how much amazing work they can deliver so quickly.

Working with Quandary is as comfortable as working with one of our own internal teams and has been from the initial meeting. Through every aspect, we've enjoyed their transparency, positive attitude and down-to-earth style.

We can bounce ideas off them and get honest answers; it's been a truly collaborative effort. I would highly recommend Quandary when you have one of your own to solve.”


After our discovery process, our tech consultants realized that the best course of action would be to build out a custom website for the client in Quickbase. With this low code platform, the client's team could easily manage and update the site as needed.

We quickly build a custom webpage for our client in Quickbase and migrated the data from their third-party provider to the client. As a result, our client can manage their extensive online catalog in real-time.

Any change their team makes in Quickbase immediately updates their online product catalog. In short, they no longer have to engage with a third-party resource to manage any changes to products. This gives them more control over their online storefront while providing a better experience for their customers.


The custom website we build for your client in Quickbase website provides:

  • The ability to update their website in real-time
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduced data-entry errors (created by removing Excel spreadsheets and third-party providers from the equation)
  • Improved reporting and workflows
  • A better overall experience for both the client and their customers

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