30% Reduction in Workflow Processing Time with Scalable Solution

Company Profile

This company builds, maintains, and services both manufactured and custom-made engineering products. These products include heat exchangers, pressure vessels and towers, API tanks. Additionally, they have an on-site machine shop dedicated to bringing top quality workmanship to shop fabrication, field installation, and repair.

With expertise in material blueprint design, material handling, welding, and an intensive quality control system, this fast-growing manufacturing company is in high demand in the southwest.

Client Testimonial

"I cannot say enough about the hard work, ingenuity, and personalized attention we received from the Quandary team. We had previously worked with another QB partner. The difference between the previous partner and Quandary was like night and day.

Quandary worked hard to develop a comprehensive database for our business operations. We had a skeleton idea of what we wanted. Quandary helped us plan and develop a system that was much more thorough and customized than what we thought was possible.

The best part about working with Quandary is the team of people they have working for them. Not only did they help build an excellent database, but also made it a really enjoyable process. They managed to integrate all of our workflow processes and took each obstacle we presented as an engaging challenge to work through together.

I cannot overstate how pleased I am to have chosen Quandary as a partner in this project and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. If you are trying to choose between partners, I highly recommend you reach out to Quandary."



Our client needed a better system to keep track of their quotes, customers, jobs processes, shipping, and invoicing. Their previous system wasn't scalable. Instead, their rapid growth had made their existing system unmanageable.

The client's organization consists of several different departments, managed by several different people. All on separate systems. As a result, there was an increasing time rift between when jobs were quoted and when they were assigned, built, and delivered.

It became clear to the client that if they were going to continue on their path to success, they needed a solution. Specifically, they needed a custom solution that scaled with their business goals and workflows.


Using Quandary Consulting Group’s business process and workflow expertise, our team created a system that housed all of their detailed information and multi-step processes under one roof. And to do this quickly and within budget, we utilized Quickbase.

The new system facilitated a much smoother transition between all the people involved in each workflow once the client provided a quote for their customers.

To make this happen, we integrated their emails, blueprint design, and quality control. this allowed for a smoother, more rapid process. From initial quote negotiation to final invoicing, Quandary helped this company better provide products and services to their customers. Faster than they thought possible with a single platform.


Through business process optimization and workflow improvement, our new system helped our client:

  • Aggregate data into one secure location
  • Reduce overall workflow processing time by 30%
  • Provide Employees with a single portal for data entry
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry

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