E-commerce Company Grows Business 500% with Bespoke Solution

Company Profile

A leading online retailer with web stores on multiple marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon.


This rapidly growing e-commerce company used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to store data about their inventory. As a result, their staff had to update the product lists manually for each of the separate marketplaces.

Additionally, there was no central database. This lead to numerous errors in product listings. Ultimately, staff members had to spend a lot of time finding and correcting those errors. And that slowed down their order workflow.

The client needed to increase efficiency and sales by automating multi-channel inventory management. But, they couldn’t find an off-the-shelf solution that met their specific business needs.


The client reached out to Quandary Consulting Group to talk about creating a bespoke inventory management system that would be able to take their online retail business to the next level.

Our Business Application team designed and built a tailor-made multi-channel inventory management system. This system featured a centralized inventory database, order processing, and fulfillment.

In short, it allowed the client to control the entire inventory management process, order processing, and fulfillment workflow across multiple channels with a single web application and save time and money. Additionally, we integrated the software system into eBay and Amazon with the appropriate APIs.

The new system made it possible to list products with custom attributes that weren't available in the ready-made solutions. Also, the custom inventory management software included powerful reporting. This allowed the company’s managers to create instant reports on stock levels using multiple criteria. Plus, they could optimize their business processes as well.


The company can now handle more than 2,500 orders a day (instead of 400-500) using the same number of employees. As of today, the new inventory management system continues to reduce costs, boost profits, and increase customer service levels without the need to hire more staff.

In short, as a result of our custom, multi-channel inventory management systems, our client has seen a 500% increase in their e-commerce.

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