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They needed a seamless way to conduct employee reviews. They needed to evaluate their employees’ performance at 30 days, 90 days, and annually, prioritizing their core company values. Their existing system did not automatically kick off the review process, and as a result they were missing reviews, were unsure of upcoming review dates for their employees, and did not have an effective way to evaluate employees.


Using Quandary's new system and Workato, we set up an employee review process that runs automatically based on the employee’s date of hire. Once an employee is onboarded, Quandary’s new system generates the appropriate reviews. When a review date approaches, Quandary’s new system automatically sends out emails to gather the appropriate assessments from the employee’s manager, director, and peer. Quandary’s new system also gathers a self-assessment from the employee. The manager is notified when all assessments are complete. It summarizes the assessments in a meaningful way and sends a summary to the manager, including an overall performance score. The manager is able to press a button to send a summary of the assessments to the employee for discussion when they meet for the review. The status of the review is calculated automatically based on the assessments received.


  • 30 days, 90 days, and Annual reviews run automatically based on the employee’s date of hire.
  • For each review, Quick Base gathers a self, peer, and manager assessment.
  • Never miss a review.
  • The review process is customized to focus on their core company values
  • Employees feel valued and know what to expect from the review process.
  • Managers and HR can see at a glance the status of reviews, as well as upcoming review dates.
  • Managers, HR, and employees receive meaningful data, including performance scores and comments.
  • 160+ reviews automated and tracked annually
  • 480+ assessments automated and tracked annually

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