6 Essential Procurement Technology Trends

Weak procurement processes are like slow leaks in the haul of a speeding sailboat. While they may not seem troubling at first, they can slow your business down. And in this age of digitization, they can even cost you the race. As competition continues to increase, successful businesses cannot afford to overlook the power workflow

8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Accounts Payable Process

Drowning in invoices is a far more common problem than people realize. Businesses need to regularly make purchases to function, and invoices for these purchases can add up. But processing invoices can be a complex, overwhelming task that can get tangled up in other workflows.

What Is Strategic Procurement? (And How Do You Get There?)

How Any Size Business Should Approach Procurement The more components in the system, the greater the chance for something to go wrong. And as any company grows in size, the need for streamlined procure to payment processes grows with it. Numerous employees, various departments, and a wide range of requirements exponentially increase the …

5 Ways to Rapidly Improve Your Restaurant Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory management is an integral part of restaurant business management. Operating a restaurant is not only about designing menus, decorating the…

Planning and Forecasting During Ocean Shipping Disruptions

It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread disruptions to global supply chains.

13 Best Procurement Practices to Boost Sourcing in 2024

With competition as fierce as it is, your company needs every advantage it can get. And waste, especially from something as avoidable as the procurement process, isn’t going to cut it.

11 Best Procurement Software: Streamline Purchasing in 2024

Often overlooked, your procurement is a strategic process you can leverage to boost the bottom line of your growing business. By knowing the latest trends and onboarding the best procurement software, you can reduce costs while finding new opportunities for your business. These are the top 5 procurement software you should consider if you're looking to better scale your growing business.

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