How to Get the Most Out of The #1 Low Code Platform

If you’re looking for a low code platform that gives you the power to build custom solutions in a fraction of the time or cost, then look no further than Quickbase. As a top-rated rapid application platform, users are empowered to build exactly what they need to scale their business.

However, even though low code is accessible, it isn’t always easy to find out how to get the most out of the platform. And that’s where Quickbase support services come in handy.

For a while, Quickbase focused mostly on improving its platform and only offered basic support services. Instead, they outsourced services and support to their Quickbase partners. But with the release of Quickbase Enablement Services, the platform stands ready to offer more direct support to users.

What Is Quickbase Enablement?

Quickbase Enablement is a service package that now offers services to support the use of its low code platform. The Enablement Service package aims to help businesses build, optimize, and manage custom business applications built on the Quickbase platform.

The service model has 4 tiers: Basic, Essential, Premium, and Ultimate. Each one offers a new layer of support.


What Does the Quickbase Service Model Look Like?

Quickbase’s main focus is on creating and maintaining a great low code platform. It’s only recently that they’ve decided to add support services for users. Their goal is to provide businesses with expert support, helping them get more out of the platform. This is a look at each Quickbase service tier and what it provides.

Quickbase Basic Support

You get Tier-1 support with an introduction to application development. You’ll also get access to online help, the builder community, and API guides to get you started quickly.

Plus, you can use the Quickbase University and fundamentals training to learn the platform faster. Response time is within 1 business day. (7am - 8p ET)

Cost: Included with Quickbase

Quickbase Essential Support

In addition to the benefits of Quickbase Basic Support, you’ll get an onboarding consultant and customer adoption manager to help your team with Quickbase Essential Support. You’ll also get guided application development, health checks, and admin best practices along with builder enablement. Training is expanded as well.

You get a private Bootcamp fundamentals training course, access to the builder certification course, and 5 certifications included with the package. Response time is within 4 business hours. (7am - 8p ET)

Cost: $2,500/yr

Quickbase Premium Support

Quickbase Premium Support offers Tier 2 support (Sr. tech team), and access to an implementation consultant, customer success manager, and best practice solution architect. You also get access to guided and collaborative application development.

You get a lot more technical consulting with this Quickbase service model as well. Technical office hours, application review and optimization, integrations consulting, performance & scale - diagnostics & recommendations are all included in addition to the standard technical consulting support.

You’ll also get access to more insights into business reviews, solution value assessments, and admin operations/advanced feature adoption management included with this support offering.

Training is more extensive here as well. Private fundamentals and intermediate training, builder certification coaching, and 10 included certifications will help your team better understand the platform faster and create effective low code solutions with ease. And response time is under 2 hours. (7am - 8p ET)

Cost: $17,000/yr

Quickbase Ultimate Support

Quickbase Ultimate Support provides the same support team and the premium model with the addition of a technical account manager. You’ll also get access to rapid application development (RAD) and implementation project management to get your solutions live even faster.

You’ll also get solution architecture review and modernization, advanced integrations consulting, and performance & scale - diagnostics & hands-on resolutions support.

This support structure aims to help you avoid pitfalls that could impact your low code application development, helping you get the most out of the platform.

Quickbase Ultimate Support also has a few more bells and whistles. You get business impact analysis, access to the Center of Excellence program, and strategic planning and success workshops to help your programmers stay best practices.

Plus, this package includes 20 certifications and private, custom training. Response time is within an hour and 24/7 support is provided for all Quickbase Ultimate Support users.

Cost: $45,000/yr

Alternatives to Quickbase Enablement Service Packages

If you’re looking for an alternative to Quickbase support, and you don’t want to onboard the platform alone, your best bet is to work with a qualified Gold Quickbase Partner. As service providers and Quickbase partners, they’re a reliable alternative to Enablement Service Packages.

Here’s what they can do for you.


Benefits of Working with a Gold Quickbase Partner

  • Experienced Developers: Quickbase consultants and developers work with a range of businesses, solving unique problems and helping businesses scale effectively. When you work with a consultant, you’ll work with developers that know how to help you get the most out of the platform.
  • Custom Solutions: Your consultants will have a team of developers standing by to design, test, and deploy your solutions, both native and custom faster than you thought possible.
  • Guided Training: If you’re looking to empower your citizen developers, then you can trust that your consultants will have the means to educate your team and help them learn what they need to build solutions on the platform independently. Training can be focused on the standards of developing within the platform or catered to your specific application(s) so you get the highest adoption possible.
  • Discount Certifications: Many Quickbase Partners have access to discount certifications and licensing for your team.
  • Change Management: Consultants have a great deal of experience guiding team members to embrace new solutions, ensuring company-wide adoption.
  • 24/7 Support: The best Quickbase consultants will work as an extension of your team providing responsiveness that you’d expect from your internal team.

Can You Train Your Team on Quickbase?

There are plenty of resources available if you want to train your team on Quickbase. The online help, builder community, and & API guides are a great way to get started. Quickbase University and Open-Access Fundamentals Training will help you go far.

You can even visit the websites of some of the leading Quickbase Partners. Often, you’ll find an extensive knowledge base aimed at helping you get more out of the platform.

Is Quickbase Enablement Worth It?

Ultimately, Quickbase’s new service model is an incredible addition to their platform. Most businesses tend to lean toward the Essentials Service Package. It’s an affordable price point for small, growing businesses.

However, if you envision a more robust approach to custom application development, then you’ve got plenty of options.

The key to finding out whether or not Quickbase Enablement is right for your business is to first look at your unique needs.

How to Get More Out of Quickbase

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