8 Ways to Empower Your Employees Today

Company culture matters now more than ever. It isn’t enough to simply be competitive. You have to run a business that underscores the importance your employees play in its success.

Failing to do that can leave you stalling in your climb to the top, just when you start to hit your stride.

That's the power of employee empowerment.

Remember, scaling a growing business isn't easy. There are plenty of reasons why most a lot of companies trip over their own success.

But the main reason is the lack of support from critical leaders. While top-down initiatives are effective, they’re worthless without employee buy-in.

Here’s how to empower your employees, so they can help your business grow.

1. Create a Culture of Success

Appreciation goes a long, long way. And in the hustle and bustle of busy business lives, the power of thanks can easily get overlooked. In a 2018 survey, 89% of employees agreed that “performance-based recognition increases engagement.” And employees of companies that recognize success are 2x as likely to recommend their workplace to others.

Creating a company that doesn’t just do work, but does work people are proud of, is key to lasting success.

But, don’t fake it.

General platitudes can often cheapen an employee’s success. Taking the time to be sincere and specific will go a long way toward recognizing the efforts of your employees. In turn, they’ll strive for future successes.

2. Provide On-The-Job Training

Employees not only need the right tools to do the job, but they also need the right training. They need to grow through the work they do at your company. As Richard Branson once tweeted:

You want to empower your team to do more. And giving them opportunities for career development will help them feel valued. When employees feel like their company cares about helping them do a better job, they’ll often work harder to deliver on those expectations.

3. Stay Aware of Changes

It’s easy to get locked in on the market and forget about changing workplace trends. But the truth is that with how fast information spreads and how many more innovative businesses are out there, each day brings new strategies you can use to empower your employees.

Stay current on what’s happening in other companies and what employees value. But don’t be too quick to jump on the latest trend. That can lead to waste.

Instead, be aware and embrace workplace trends strategically. And don’t be afraid to discuss adopting new trends with your staff first.

4. Make Work Meaningful

Do your employees know the value of their work? The larger a company gets, the easier it is to feel like a cog in a massive machine.

Your employees know the work has to get done, but they need to know why. Helping them see how the work they do fits into your company’s business model will go a long way to empowering them.

They need to know the work they do matters, that it’s meaningful. Studies have even shown that employees are even willing to take a pay cut for a job that’s more meaningful.

Reduce Menial Tasks

No one wants to feel like the work they do is meaningless, and nothing is more meaningless than menial tasks.

The number of boring, repetitive tasks employees have to do on a given day depends on the job. But, in most cases, these tasks can often be automated.

If a robot can do it, let it. No one enjoys looking at spreadsheets, for instance. In fact, spreadsheets could ruin your business. And no one wants to be responsible for data entry errors that come from long, agonizingly tedious tasks that machines can easily do.

Instead, streamline these workflows with automation and give your employees more time to do the high-level work they enjoy.

Let the robots handle the boring stuff.

5. Provide the Right Resources

Figuring out what tools your staff needs to do their jobs can be tricky. On one end, this can create a laundry list of applications you need to consider onboarding. On the other end, you want to empower your staff by providing the tools they need to do the best job possible.

The key here is to take the time to listen to your employees and see where their pain points are. Then, look to see what solutions exist to help support them.

Every business has to worry about the budget. But luckily, there are plenty of cost-effective tools that can not only streamline your business, but they can also drastically reduce costs and rapidly yield a high ROI. And those solutions can be found in low-code.

6. Democratize Software with Low-Code

Low-code gives employees more power by turning them into citizen developers. Using these platforms, your staff can quickly build the solutions they need without an IT department or a background in coding.

And who better to build solutions for your business than the employees who deal directly with the problems they face every day?

Millennials especially push back against unnecessary steps, systems, hierarchy, and oversight. Giving them a way to make their jobs easier by letting them customize their solutions is crucial if you want to empower your staff.

Plus, low-code also [cuts down on instances of shadow IT, keeping your business secure.

7. Provide More Flexibility

Flexibility is increasingly important for businesses moving forward. More employees want to work from home at least some of the time and many want the option for remote work.

But it goes beyond that.

Having too many bottlenecks with unnecessary oversight can slow down your business and kill productivity. Worse, it can make your employees feel like they’re not trusted.

Give them guardrails to function, so that they can move freely. This flexibility will encourage them to take more ownership of the work they do.

8. Reassure Staff

Employees won’t perform well if they’re worried about job security. With the trend towards automation and businesses looking to reduce costs, you need to communicate with your employees.

Reassure your staff that their jobs are secure. Explain to them that any measures to streamline workflows and optimize processes will benefit them.

The goal is for your employees to have the tools and time they need to get the job done. You also want to let them focus on the work that really matters.

Empower Your Employees Today

At the end of the day, if you want to empower your employees, then you need to give them a strong foundation for future success. But that requires time and resources.

And that’s a challenge if your current workflows eat up most of your employees' time and your company's resources.

The solution?

Breakdown those inefficiencies with affordable, custom solutions.

Quandary Consulting Group leverages the power of Quick Base and Workato to help organizations optimize workflows. As tech consultants, we don’t just design the right systems for your business, we help create a culture of adoption around them.

The end result is a strategic implementation of custom workflows that yield the highest ROIs while getting full support from your employees at the start.

With a 100 percent adoption rate, our track record speaks for itself. For more information on how you can leverage low-code to free up resources, empower your employees, and gain an advantage in the market, contact us today.

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